In the family environment, the home environment is an indispensable part of creating a good family atmosphere, and the children’s room, the first exclusive and independent small world of the child, plays an irreplaceable role in the future learning and growth of the child. Today we come to Science Popularization: Children’s room layout tips!.

Children’s room decoration strategy

The pre evaluation method of indoor air quality should be used in the decoration design to predict the concentration of harmful substances released in the indoor environment after decoration, and to reserve a certain amount of floating space. Because even if the indoor environment after decoration is up to the standard, but after the furniture is placed, the furniture will release a certain amount of indoor environmental pollutants.

Select the decoration materials meeting the limit of harmful substances.

The auxiliary materials in the construction shall also be environment-friendly materials, especially waterproof coating, adhesive, paint solvent (thinner), putty powder, etc.

Do not use natural stone in children’s room.

The best choice for paint and coating is water-based. The price may be higher.

Don’t choose too bright colors. The more bright paints and coatings contain relatively high content of heavy metals, which are easy to cause lead and mercury poisoning in contact with children.

Sign an environmental protection and decoration contract with the decoration company, in which the construction party is required to provide the indoor environmental test report with the seal of CMA upon completion.

The floor material in the children’s room should have a warm touch and be easy to clean. There should be no uneven patterns and joints. Because small things falling into the joints may pose a potential threat to the children’s safety, it is suitable to use solid wood floor with lead-free paint, and fully consider the skid resistance of the floor.

Popular science: Children’s room layout tips!


The style of the wall is best unified and harmonious with the furniture style. For example, if you want to decorate a room with a sense of space for children who like astronomical knowledge, you should not choose warm color furniture, such as yellow or beige, etc. the room is best to choose pure and bright colors as the main color.

Suspended ceiling

According to the characteristics of children’s naivete and vivacity, a modeling ceiling can be made, for example, a sky roof decorated with stars and moon can be made of wooden ceiling.

Some people do not advocate ceiling for children’s room, because they are afraid that the baby will stare at the ceiling all the time and cause vision damage. However, Xiaobian thinks that as long as the ceiling is properly decorated, there will be no such problem. When decorating the ceiling, there should not be a particularly conspicuous piece, but a large piece of distraction, so that the baby’s attention will not be concentrated in a small place.

Window curtains

For the selection of curtains, it is best to use the kind of cloth that can penetrate a little light, so that the sunlight can shine into the room through the curtains, so that the soft halo covers the baby’s room.

doors and windows

Place as few climbing objects as possible under the window, so as to avoid the danger of baby climbing to the top when people are not prepared. It is better to install a safety lock on the window and a guardrail at the same time. When the baby is still young, the door clamp device can be selected to prevent the baby from clamping hands and feet.


Children like to scribble on the wall at will. They can hang a white board in their activity area to let children have a world where they can scribble freely. Or you can stick large pieces of paper so that you can change them often. This will not damage the overall space, but also stimulate the creativity of children.

Children’s art works or handmade works can be placed with a display board and a shelf, which not only satisfies children’s sense of achievement, but also achieves the function of interesting display.


If you want to lay the carpet on the floor, you should fix the four sides of the carpet to prevent the carpet from sliding on the floor. The cork floor is soft but not slippery, which is very suitable for children’s rooms.

You can buy some puzzles to cover the floor, which can not only effectively protect the baby, but also protect the floor.

Dress up

If several pots of green leaves and flowers are placed in the room, and some paintings and hanging articles are hung on the wall that meet the children’s interests and hobbies, it will be more conducive to children’s physical and mental health.


Think of more ways to improve the use rate of space, so that children have enough ground play space, do not put the big bed in the center of the room, or buy some storage cabinets with multi-layer storage compartments to stick to the wall. And choose some open storage furniture, so that the rich and unique shape can quickly attract the attention of children, so that they feel fun.

The furniture decorated in the baby room is better to install the floor shelf and drawer combination cabinet with cabinet door, so that the toys and other unnecessary sundries of the baby can be put in, and the whole room looks clean.

As parents, we are still novices, but as children, we have enough experience. Sometimes, don’t treat ourselves as parents, you can be a child again and grow up with your children. If you want to learn more about what kind of good little knowledge children’s protective fence is online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read it. More knowledge is more care for your baby.