Nowadays, many children suffer from refractive symptoms, and parents take their children to the Pediatrics for their computer optometry and other procedures are very confused. This article 100 safety net will be for your Science Popularization: computer optometry is of great significance for children’s refractive examination!

I. advantages of computer optometry

Both subjective and objective optometry can accurately measure the diopter and astigmatism axis of patients. These two methods need rich optometry experience, and need a long time to master the technology of shadow detection, while the computer optometry technology is easy to learn and master. The computer refractometer refracts a large number of optometry for group physical examination or outpatient service, especially for the diagnosis optometry of outpatient service and the changes of refraction before and after the treatment of eye diseases. It does not need mydriasis, but also can quickly measure the degree of refraction. The results of computer optometry are all automatically printed, without conversion. Generally, a patient can be measured in seconds to minutes, and the degree of ametropia can be measured quickly, which provides more accurate diopter and pupil distance for lens correction.

There are different opinions on the accuracy of diopter measured by computer refractometer. The accuracy of the computer refractometer is affected by many factors, such as the patient’s head and eyes are not well matched, moving and moving, the eye gaze is not concentrated enough in the objective of the refractometer, so that the relaxation adjustment is not enough, which will inevitably affect the accuracy of the diopter test results, and even the difference of the degree of repeated examination is large. For children and patients with refractive stromal turbidity, the error of computer optometry is large, and even the diopter can not be detected. There are still errors in the stability and repeatability of the computer refractometer, so it is not appropriate to use the diopter measured by the computer as the only basis for matching mirrors. The degree measured by the computer refractometer is often higher than that of the shadow detector. Therefore, the computer refractometer can not replace the technology of the optometry and lens correction of the shadow detector, but only provide a useful reference for the artificial optometry.

What is computer optometry?

Since the discovery of sterner’s principle in 1619, it has been used in many automatic optometry. After 1759, Xu Dang’s subjective optometry appeared. Only in the 20th century did objective automatic optometry come out. But this kind of refractometer needs to adjust the projection part of the target, can not complete the main relaxation adjustment, and the inspection results are not accurate enough, so it has not been widely promoted.

With the development of electronic computer, objective optometry has a new development. Since 1969, infrared light has been used as the light source of the automatic refractometer, and the electronic automation system has been used to debug the sight mark. The accuracy can reach 0.12-0.25d. The mechanical device is dexterous and exquisite, with many functions. It is equipped with a variety of vision tables and adjustment devices, and has the functions of measuring hidden and three-dimensional.

In recent years, the function of the new refractometer is becoming more and more perfect. It has not only the function of subjective examination, but also the function of checking and adjusting. The result is accurate. It is a new subjective binocular refractometer.

III. optometry and lens matching process

Degree: the professional optometrist will first use the computer optometry to calculate the degree and astigmatism of two eyes. If you use this degree to match the glasses, it’s wrong. Because the glasses are just matched with the right degree of vision, which is suitable for long-distance use, it will cause eye fatigue easily, and the vision will gradually deteriorate, and lose the corrective and auxiliary vision So we need to measure your life again.

Quantity: measure the most suitable degree of life professional optometrist will be like a good friend who can talk with you, and know your age, nature of work and living habits in detail And so on. To allocate the most suitable “life degree” for daily use. To match glasses with such degree, not only can you see clearly, but also can maintain the eyesight adjustment without excessive fatigue, maintain the eyesight health, avoid further deterioration of eyesight and increase the degree.

The above is about the definition of computer optometry introduced by Baibai safety net and the inspection process. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!