Accident is the last word any parent wants to see. Since the birth of our baby, we have devoted too much love and attention. We hope that our baby will grow up healthily and safely. If possible, we hope to put an end to all accidents! In this article, we will talk about the popular science of parenting: the knowledge of baby’s home safety.

Safety knowledge of bathroom and electricity in home decoration

Shower Room

There are many water stains in front of the bathtub and washstand, which is the most prone place to slip. Parents should never let too small children go to the toilet or bathroom alone.

Safety zone

1. Clean the bathroom immediately after using it.

2. Equipped with exhaust fan, it can quickly dry the water air in the bathroom.

3. Soap and shampoo should be kept out of children’s reach as far as possible, so as to avoid spillage of baby when playing, resulting in wet and slippery ground.

4. If children like playing with water, they can prepare small pots and chairs for them to sit on and play safely.

5. Install handrails beside the bathtub and toilet, so that they can hold and avoid falling when they get up.

6. The floor of the bathroom shall be made of solid wood floor mat or plastic assembly floor mat.

Windowsill, balcony, stair

Children like to watch the scenery and games on the windowsill or balcony. If your house is above the first floor, they must be prevented from falling. If the design of stairs is not safe, children are easy to fall and get hurt. Special attention should be paid.

Safety zone

1. The window shall be equipped with window bars, which shall be tied properly at ordinary times to prevent children from climbing out.

2. Don’t let the children go up and down the stairs alone. It’s better to install fences at the top and bottom of the stairs.

3. The lighting of stairs shall be sufficient to prevent children from rolling down due to poor vision.

4. The balustrades on the balcony should not be separated too much to prevent children from falling through.

5. In order to prevent the rain water from floating into the wet balcony, the floor can be paved with solid wood anti sliding floor, plastic floor tiles, anti sliding boards, or stone pattern floor mats.

6. The stair step shall be pasted with a skid stop strip, and the stair mouth shall be paved with a skid stop foot pad.

About electricity use

The consequences of being shocked are unimaginable, so the design of sockets and lamps is very important in the design of children’s room.

First: electrical socket; children aged 2-3 will show strong interest in small protuberances or dents such as key holes, screws, buttons, etc., of course, the circuit board is also included, and the little finger of the child can just reach in. So it’s very necessary to use the safety socket. IKEA used to sell socket plugs, which is very practical.

Second: wires; it’s better not to have exposed wires in the room to prevent children from tripping and electric shock, and try to keep the shortest, as far as possible hidden or located in places that are not easy for children to touch, such as TV and computer. Using wall lamp instead of desk lamp is also a way to reduce hidden danger.

Third: make sure that children do not have access to equipment with wires.

Because the baby is too small, full of curiosity and exploration of all things, and don’t know that there are dangers around him, so Baba hemp people need to give the baby a safe nest. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.