Nowadays, home appliances such as TV and computer are indispensable necessities in the family. Many women stay at home after pregnancy and spend all day with TV and computer. So, does watching TV have side effects on their babies after pregnancy?

Can pregnant women use computers?

Many girls use computers in their work and life. When they are ready to be pregnant, they are often worried about whether computers may cause damage to the fetus Obstetricians and gynaecologists followed up the pregnancy and found that the two women had long-term exposure to computer screens, resulting in birth defects in both women. They had neither a bad family history nor drug abuse during pregnancy. So experts wonder if it’s electromagnetic radiation from computer screens Only one thing is certain, VDT time is directly proportional to the harm it brings There are many reports about the effects of VDT radiation on reproductive health in various newspapers, magazines and mass media, but there are few reports from the perspective of medical streaming. When I answer such questions, I often say that there is no authoritative conclusion about the harm of computer radiation to the fetus at present, and that we should try to reduce the net working time in the early pregnancy. More specific can not be elaborated in the consultation response, which may disappoint many consultants.

The results of professional investigation are as follows: 1583 pregnant women were studied with medical records. The results showed that the or value of spontaneous abortion was 1.2, but in the pregnant women who were exposed to VDT for more than 20 hours a week, the or value of spontaneous abortion was 1.8, indicating that the risk of spontaneous abortion was increased when they were exposed to a large number of VDT Some research results show that VDT is associated with congenital defects of offspring, or value is 1.6, and when VDT work time is more than 10 hours a week, or value increases to 2.0, and when VDT work time is more than 20 hours a week, or value is 2.3, which has dose-response relationship. Therefore, it can not be ruled out that VDT work has the risk of congenital defects of offspring. After 1990’s, the research results of this subject in China found that 1529 VDT working women had longer menstrual cycle and more menstrual blood, and their frequency was significantly higher than that of the control group. (P<0.01)。 The rate of spontaneous abortion in VDT group was higher than that in control group (P & lt; 0.05).

In addition, 361 women who were engaged in VDT and 484 women in the control group were investigated for their reproductive function and offspring health. The results showed that the incidence of spontaneous abortion, pregnancy and anemia was also higher than that in the control group. However, there are also contrary findings. At present, there is no unified understanding and authoritative conclusion. In every study, other factors (such as living environment, diet, physical condition, etc.) cannot be excluded. The number of people surveyed is too small, which can only represent the local conditions under investigation. Only one thing is certain, VDT time is directly proportional to the harm it brings Or value is a term in medical statistics, that is to do statistical processing on the research value and get reliable value. For example, the abortion rate of women engaged in VDT is 10%, and that of women engaged in non VDT is 8%. Can we say that the abortion rate of women engaged in VDT is higher than that of women engaged in non VDT?

Can’t make such a conclusion, must go through statistical processing, whether the comparison of these two rates has statistical significance Foreign practice: Japan stipulates in labor protection that pregnant women should not take part in VDT Operation before the problem of whether abnormal pregnancy outcome is related to VDT is clarified. According to the existing research data, it is generally accepted to limit at least the time for pregnant women to participate in VDT, and 15-20 hours per week is suitable Authoritative conclusion: the radiation around the computer includes X-ray, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, UHF, HF, elf and electrostatic field. But the intensity of their launches is very weak. It is far below the standard required by China and the international health organization. According to experts from the World Health Organization, there are many reasons that affect the pregnancy outcome of pregnant women who operate computers, mainly because of work fatigue and over tension, followed by the extremely low frequency electromagnetic field from computers.

Products to prevent computer radiation, such as radiation scarves, aprons, vests, screen screens, radiation absorption instruments, etc., have a great protective effect on computer radiation. Experts believe that these protective devices have no effect on the radiation of the display, and further point out that even some protective devices can reduce radiation, and have no practical value, because the display produces Electromagnetic field and radiation are far from the exposure range allowed by national and international standards.

Suggestions from medical experts: & nbsp;

1. Women of childbearing age who are engaged in video screen operation need not worry about the impact of video screen radiation on the health of the next generation. Display radiation is not harmful to reproductive health.

2. Do not work more than 20 hours in front of the computer every week to prevent abortion.  

3. The working environment should be ventilated to keep the air fresh.  

4. It is not necessary to wear protective devices.  

5. Avoid fatigue and over tension, keep a happy mood and don’t worry.

6. Strengthen outdoor activities and exercise.  

7. Carry out regular birth inspection and health care during pregnancy to avoid high-risk factors leading to birth defects Netizen Q & A: according to the above situation, we suggest that you should avoid using the computer for a long time (more than 40 hours per week) in the early stage of pregnancy (the first 3 months). When you have to use the computer, you can get up to the outdoor or window to breathe fresh air for 10 minutes every 1 hour. Wearing radiation resistant clothes is also an option.

Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant women should watch less TV, otherwise they will delay the next generation due to their temporary entertainment. When they have miscarriage or premature delivery and give birth to malformed children, they will be late to repent. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.