Although the blue sky is more and more rare now, and the gray sky is disgusting, in fact, the indoor pollution caused by a large number of toxic gases is much more terrible than the gray sky.

It is very important to avoid indoor environmental pollution of children’s room in decoration, which should be paid attention to in the following aspects.

First, the indoor air quality pre evaluation method should be used in the decoration design to predict the concentration of harmful substances released in the indoor environment after decoration, and to reserve a certain amount of floating space. Because even if the indoor environment after decoration is up to the standard, but after the furniture is placed, the furniture will release a certain amount of indoor environmental pollutants.

Second, select the decoration materials with the limit of harmful substances up to the standard.

Third, the auxiliary materials in the construction should also be environmentally friendly materials, especially waterproof coatings, adhesives, paint solvents (thinners), putty powder, etc.

Fourth, advocate simple decoration and minimize the use of materials and construction.

Fifthly, it is better not to stick wallpaper in the room, which can reduce the pollution source.

Sixth, do not use natural stone materials, such as marble and granite, which are the main causes of indoor radon pollution.

Seventh, the paint and coating of children’s room should be water-based, and the price may be higher; the color should not be too bright, the brighter the paint and coating contain relatively high content of heavy metal substances, which are easy to cause lead and mercury poisoning in contact with children.

Eighth, sign an environmental protection and decoration contract with the decoration company, in which the construction party is required to provide the indoor environmental test report with the seal of CMA upon completion.

Ninth, it is better to choose solid wood furniture for furniture purchase, especially for children’s room furniture, and the furniture paint should be water-based. When purchasing, it depends on whether there is an environmental protection test report.

Tenth, children’s rooms should not be paved with plastic flooring. Some foam plastic products (similar to slippers) on the market, such as floor jigsaw puzzle, will release a large amount of volatile organic compounds, which may have an impact on children’s health.

So if we want to protect the baby’s health, please pay attention to the indoor air quality. Please don’t neglect it! If you want to know more about what kind of good information about children’s protective fence, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!