Curtain, as an important part of the whole house soft decoration, plays the role of protecting privacy, blocking strong light and home decoration. In the installation, more families consider the beauty of curtains, but ignore its safety. If there are children at home, we can’t ignore the safety of curtain installation.

However, since 2006, there have been 5 child deaths related to room curtains and 16 near strangulation accidents in the United States alone.

Similar incidents have taken place in China. On October 10, 2007, a two-year-old baby girl in donglongwanzhuang village, Laixi City, Shandong Province, was playing with a curtain at home. She was caught in the neck by the white curtain hanging on the window, which was nearly transparent. Finally, she was killed. Schools and kindergartens have also experienced curtain safety problems.

How to check the hidden danger of curtain safety?

Fabric curtain

The curtain of general cloth art is heavier, still often add some adornment material. In particular, the current new residential more popular floor to floor windows, but also increased the weight of curtains. Some children like to play with curtains and play hide and seek. If the curtain rod or curtain box is not firmly installed, it may fall off and hurt children.

Troubleshooting measures

1. The curtain rod and the curtain box must be firmly installed, and must be fixed with expansion bolts; the installation of the curtain hook and ring should be at a position higher than 1.2m, and the parents should often check their fastness.

2. Families with children should not use floor curtains as much as possible. It is better to replace long curtains with short ones. Usually the curtains should be fixed with curtain hoops.

3. The newly purchased fabric curtain contains formaldehyde and has strong adsorption function. Therefore, the newly purchased fabric curtains must be used after rinsing, and the fabric curtains in the newly decorated houses should be rinsed once a month.

Roll up curtain

Rolling materials include cloth, plastic, metal, bamboo, etc. Because it has a strong sense of modernity, easy to use, simple installation, wide range of application (such as toilets, kitchens), so it is very popular with young people. But most of these curtains need to be adjusted with curtain rope, so there are also hidden dangers for children’s safety. The event of IKEA’s recall of curtains was triggered by the pulling of the blinds.

Troubleshooting measures

1. The roller shutter is better to be installed by professional personnel, and it must be installed firmly during self installation to prevent accidents caused by the bead chain not fixed by the tension device.

2. Be sure to close the drawstring of the roller shutter at the bottom to prevent the rope from slipping and becoming a child’s plaything and causing accidents. The best choice is cordless shutter, using remote control device to control the rise and fall of the shutter.

3. Install a fixed buckle on the rolling curtain to prevent the rolling curtain from sliding suddenly. It’s better to use cordless curtains or keep the rope out of children’s reach.

4. Don’t put tables and chairs near the windows and children’s beds that children can climb. In this way, it can not only prevent children from being hurt by curtains, but also prevent children from falling from climbing windows.

Therefore, it is very important to protect children’s safety and check the hidden dangers of curtains, so as to avoid children being entangled by curtains! Baibai safety net’s knowledge about how to prevent children from bumping at home is still updated. Please lock our relevant columns!