More and more parents realize that watching TV has a bad effect on their children, and they also realize that they can turn their children over to the TV, regardless of whether they ask. In that way, although the electronic nanny solves your temporary troubles, some experts suggest that children should not play in front of the TV screen, and when using home appliances, they should try to avoid staying in a short distance.

Don’t let children play in front of TV

It is understood that in 2001, the international cancer research center has identified the magnetic field as a suspected carcinogen to human beings. It is proposed that when the magnetic field intensity in the living environment exceeds 0.4 μ T, the incidence of childhood leukemia is significantly increased. Researchers at Fudan University use this value as a warning line to monitor the magnetic field of household appliances that have more contact opportunities and longer use time in daily life.

The monitoring results show that the magnetic field of ordinary flat screen TV can reach 5 μ t at 5cm in front of the screen, and the safe range outside the 40cm in front of the screen is its safe range, the safe range of rear projection TV is 12cm in front of the screen, and there is almost no electromagnetic radiation in plasma TV. When the microwave oven is working, the magnetic field strength when it is close to the measurement exceeds the measurement range of the instrument. The magnetic field strength at 5cm away from the microwave oven reaches 8 μ T, and the magnetic field near the switch is the strongest. The safe range is 95cm away from the microwave oven. The magnetic field intensity of refrigerator is low, which has little effect on people. The researchers also analyzed the magnetic field produced by household audio, electric blanket, etc. The results show that there are different degrees of magnetic field radiation in close contact with various household appliances.

Professor Jin Xipeng, School of public health, Fudan University, said that in daily life, people usually watch TV at a distance of 2 meters. The magnetic field strength at this position is very low, which will not affect people very much. However, some children often play in front of the TV screen, and parents should stop them; after the microwave oven is started, they should leave quickly, and do not stay; after the electric blanket is preheated, they should close before going to bed.

Professor Jin reminded that the home appliances in the room should also be placed carefully, not too dense.

Therefore, it is “dangerous” to let children watch TV too early and too much. Please pull the children away from the TV and be careful that the magnetic field hurts ta! If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.