Modern people’s life is almost inseparable from the computer, work time to the computer, work back to the leisure and entertainment is inseparable from the computer, then, many pregnant women will ask: pregnant mother can use the computer? What should pregnant women pay attention to when using computers?

It’s better to keep your baby away from the computer

According to relevant research, no matter what kind of radiation, in normal operation, its intensity is not enough to cause harm to human body.

Suggestions and measures: Although the radiation generated by computer is not enough to cause harm to human body, it is better to buy a low radiation display when selecting computer, which can not only reduce radiation, but also eliminate psychological burden. Research shows that the back and side of the display are areas with strong radiation. Therefore, the direction should be adjusted to avoid sitting on the side and back of the computer screen. You can turn off the monitor when you don’t need to use the computer temporarily.

However, many data show that there is no convincing evidence that the use of computers may cause abortion or fetal malformation when comparing women who often use computers with other women of the same age, color and socio-economic status.

Suggestions and measures: pregnant women should also be reminded that in the first three months of pregnancy, they should try to reduce their exposure to computers so as not to damage the fetus in the period of organ formation.

While modern technology brings us convenience, it may also bring us adverse effects, and the research on the health effects of scientific and technological products often lags behind the development of products themselves. As a sensitive group, pregnant women should be cautious. It is recommended to temporarily change the work type or rest to reduce the chance of computer contact.

Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to minimize long-term contact with computers so as not to cause harm to the fetus in the period of organogenesis. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.