Many Baba hemp people often take their children to the movies. Think let children experience the sentiment of petty bourgeoisie? I think it’s no different to take my children to the movies and watch them at home. I can also feel the atmosphere. But many parents ask: does baby’s going to the cinema affect hearing?

Children over the age of three who can reflect their own discomfort can go to the movies.

Chen Yaqiu, director of the five senses health care department of Tianjin women and children’s health care center, told reporters that in principle, it is not recommended to take the baby to the cinema to see a movie. If you go to see it, it’s better for the baby to be over three years old and be able to reflect the discomfort autonomously. For example, if the baby is uncomfortable inside, he will show it at the first time, such as covering his ears with his hands or being afraid. If the baby has such a reaction, parents should take the baby away immediately.

The younger a child is under six, the more sensitive his ears are to external stimuli.

The normal voice of ordinary people is 60 decibels, that of ordinary machines is 90 decibels, and that of some roaring trains and rock music is more than 120 decibels. As for the safety limit of hearing, the international standard is not more than 24 hours in a 90 decibel noise environment, which is still an adult. If it is 120 decibels, the safety limit is 3 minutes. More than 3 minutes will cause hearing loss. Now many cinemas are small projection halls, surrounded by stereo, in such an environment, the baby’s hearing will be affected.

Therefore, the cinema and the home environment are very different, too stimulating sound effects and pictures are not conducive to children’s hearing and vision development. Responsible parents should try to avoid yo! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!