Many young people like to climb into warm quilts when they come home from work, put their computers on their stomachs, brush microblogs, watch movies and play games for hours. This is the cold resistance strategy of the quilts, but they ignore the possible radiation damage and even infertility. Therefore, today’s Baibai safety net will recommend: it men’s “food supplement” list!

The survey found that sub-health is very common in it population, and overwork has become an unavoidable problem for it practitioners. In the field of it, where men are the absolute main force, under the fierce competition environment, everyone is working hard, but it is hard for the collective to withstand the deterioration of physical health. The most concentrated performance is brain consumption, eyesight fatigue and the decline of reproductive ability.

Nourish the brain, protect the eyes, protect the reproductive capacity Ask nutrition experts to issue a detailed “food supplement” list for it men to take good care of themselves after hard work.

Brain tonifying: great consumption of mental tension

First choice food for brain tonifying:

Nuts, lean meat, eggs, fish, grains

“Nuts are very good brain food, known as the” fruit of brain strengthening. ” Zeng Jing pointed out that in the classification of food, nuts are classified as fatty food. Nuts contain important brain tonic substances – high fat, and nuts are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, although they contain more fat. Human brain cells are composed of 60% unsaturated fatty acids and 35% proteins.

“It practitioners need to play the role of brain in complex, delicate and logical functions. Nuts like Macadamia, hazelnut, almond, walnut and so on have certain brain tonic and intellectual benefits.” Zeng said.

In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, experts said that protein is another material basis of human intelligence, because it directly controls the excitation and inhibition process of brain cells. “Foods with more protein include lean meat, eggs, fish, etc. It men should pay attention to supplement in the daily work meal. ” Director Zeng Jing especially recommended eggs. She said that eggs are rich in protein, lecithin, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements, which are indispensable nutrients for brain activity. Eggs can also help the brain better complete its memory function.

In addition, cereals and miscellaneous grains contain sufficient vitamin C, which can also help the brain to think more flexibly. Millet is rich in protein, fat, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc., which can effectively prevent neurasthenia.

Eye protection:

Nine out of ten it men have eyestrain

“The white-collar people who have been sitting in the office and facing the computer are considered to be at high risk of dry eye disease and visual fatigue, while it men are at risk. The nature of their work determines that they work in the face of computer screens all day long, and they are likely to enter a state of fixed eyes. The optic nerve is tense for a long time, and the eyeball is in a dry environment. ” Zeng Jing, director, said that according to the survey, it practitioners in nine out of ten suffer from dry eye and visual fatigue.

Zeng Jing said that a lot of food has eye-catching and eye nourishing effects, but at the same time of food supplement, it personnel should also pay attention to “forced” rest for 5-10 minutes every hour, try to relax their eyes in spare time, and stop focusing on the close screen. “Good eye care habits and effective food supplement can maximize the buffer work on the pressure and damage to the eyes.” She said.

First choice food for eye protection:

Apricot, date, spinach, tomato, leek, medlar

Vitamin A and β – carotene are helpful to invigorate the liver, brighten the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. Vitamin A is mainly found in liver, cod liver oil and egg yolk of various animals. Plant food can only provide vitamin A. β – carotene mainly exists in carrot, tomato, spinach, leek, apricot, sweet potato and other green and yellow fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C also has an eye-catching effect. According to reports, the content of vitamin C in human eyes is several times higher than that in blood. With the increase of age, the content of vitamin C decreased significantly, lens malnutrition, over time will cause lens degeneration. Experts suggest that it practitioners eat more vitamin C rich vegetables and fruits.

“Green pepper is the highest content of vitamin C in vegetables, apricot and jujube are also rich in vitamin C, spinach, tomato, leek, Lycium, etc. have the eye-catching effect.” Recommended by experts.

Protection of reproductive capacity:

Never put a laptop on your lap

“There are many rumors that male it practitioners may suffer a decline in their reproductive capacity due to the impact of the surrounding work environment. Although there is no clear evidence that all kinds of computer rooms will indeed lead to the damage of human sperm vitality, we can still proceed from the perspective of prevention, avoid harmful factors, and better protect and improve the reproductive capacity. “

Zeng said the first thing to do was to keep the genitals away from high-temperature computers. “Never work with a laptop on your lap, it will definitely have an adverse impact on the reproductive system over time.” Experts explained that the characteristics of male testicles are dependent on low temperature environment. If they are in high temperature environment for a long time, they will directly affect the sperm formation in testicles and damage the reproductive ability. This kind of injury is directly proportional to the temperature and time of high temperature.

In addition, men who are sedentary and work in an environment with electronic radiation may have potential threats to their reproductive capacity. Experts suggest that it practitioners should choose wooden chairs and stand up every half to an hour to get out of the machine room for ventilation.

The first choice of food to protect reproductive capacity:

Eggs, nuts, peas, bananas, tomatoes, honey

Zinc and selenium can promote sperm motility, so we should take more zinc and selenium in our daily food. Generally speaking, zinc is commonly found in milk and other dairy products, while black beans, black rice and other foods contain a lot of selenium.

Zeng recommended that the foods that can help breed new life include: eggs, nuts, plant seeds, peas, pods and berries (such as bananas, tomatoes, etc.).

Because honey contains the essence of pollen, therefore, without diabetes, proper consumption of honey will also protect the prostate.

Experts said that if it men want to maintain reproductive function, they should pay attention to the elimination of obesity, exercise more, try not to smoke and drink.

Experts also suggest that if you want to avoid sperm quality decline, you should do a healthy and reasonable diet, avoid eating foods containing preservatives and colorants. Fruits and vegetables should be cleaned repeatedly before eating. Do not use hot foam rice boxes to serve hot meals or heat food, and eat less fast food.

Therefore, men should try not to put their laptops on their legs when they use them at ordinary times. This article recommends a diet supplement for your brain, eyes and fertility. Hope it can help you! If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.