Parents should choose words and deeds suitable for their children when they are ignorant, including works of art and books. As long as your choice is based on a full understanding of the children, and at the same time the taste of all the best movies, TV movies can. Here’s your recommendation: movies and TV movies suitable for babies.

Movies and TV movies for babies

Little war elephant

It tells the story that little elephant Gan GUI has become a hero from a little elephant. No matter from the style or from the picture, it is no less than any animation masterpiece. The plot is reasonable, the score is excellent, and the production is excellent. Adapted from the story of an elephant winning an important battle in the history of Thailand. The most important elephant in the history of Thailand has its name. Gangui is a small elephant who lives in the forest with his mother and partners carefree. He has been eager to see his father before. In order to find his father, Gangui secretly left the forest without his mother’s permission and began to travel around the world. This time, Gan GUI learned many important lessons in life, full of adventure. During the journey, Gan GUI made many intimate friends and met a beautiful and kind mother like Xiao Qiao. In the end, Gan GUI, like his devoted father, became a war elephant full of fighting spirit and strength. Most importantly, he kept a simple and kind heart. He won an important war in history for the king and the country. Since then, his courage has become a legend.

Baba Dad

Baba dad is a series of French comics, first published in 1970. After the Federal Republic of Germany adapted it into an animated film, it premiered in the United States in 1981 and immediately became popular all over the world. Baba’s family can be anything. Baba’s father saw Baba’s mother, and then gave birth to seven children, each with a hobby. “Baba dad” means “Grandpa’s beard” in French, and the soft beard like marshmallow is also called “Baba dad”. Because the marshmallows in France are all pink, Baba’s father is also pink; because the rainbow has seven colors, they have seven children.

《baby signing time》

Baby sign language time, from 4 months to 7 years old, 2 age groups, have corresponding courses, mainly using sign language to express their ideas, what they want, there is a very lovely old aunt teaching children to do, and then with the performance of many different families and children, not only exercise body expression, communication, physical coordination, I think understanding, observation are helpful Help. Although it’s all in English, because it’s aimed at children, it involves very simple English words. There are 8 discs, 4 DVDs, 4 CDs in the first age group. The songs in the CDs are all on DVD.


The animated program of “teaching and entertainment” takes four “Teletubbies” who live in the alien as the protagonists, completely childlike language and behavior life. The picture is stable, no flicker, speaking slowly and softly, each sentence is said three times, especially suitable for children’s listening and understanding. And it’s not animation, it’s real scene, and the color is very comfortable. Although the antenna babies don’t look very good, this set of dishes is really suitable for children to watch. There are many enlightening things in it that are worth learning.

Ice Age

Twenty thousand years ago, the earth was covered with glaciers everywhere, and animals everywhere were fleeing to avoid the impact of the new ice age. In this critical moment, we met the most bizarre group that we have never seen in any era. SID, a fast-talking, lusterless monster, has a moody long hair like Manny, a fierce saber toothed tiger Diego and a famous dog with a special hobby for acorns named squirrel scullett. The four animals came together unexpectedly, and reluctantly, because they wanted to return a human baby to his father. They bravely face boiling lava pits, hidden ice caves, freezing weather, and a secret, even an evil plot. These “sub zero” monsters became the world’s first heroes!

Parents try to connect the knowledge learned in the program with the real life, and provide other activities other than watching TV for the baby, such as playing parent-child games with the baby, reading with the baby, taking the baby to outdoor activities, and asking other children to play together. In the interaction with parents and other children, the baby can play and learn from the play. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.