It’s cold in winter, and it’s easy to catch cold when bathing. Adults can support their body, but what should babies pay attention to when bathing in winter? Remember these points, babies don’t catch cold when bathing in winter!

Bathing alone

It’s easy to follow the sequence below. But also according to the situation, we should take a more suitable and easy to operate method.

(1) in winter, the temperature of the dressing room and bathroom should be heated to the extent that adults do not feel cold.

(2) let the baby wear clothes and lie in the dressing room. Adults should take a bath first and feel the water temperature in advance.

(3) the adult gently wipes the body, picks up the baby after taking off his clothes, sits on the floor of the bathroom, while watering his knee and washing his whole body with soap. The order of bathing can be the same as before, but special attention should be paid to the small places such as the back of ear, head, armpit, navel, pudenda and anus. During this period, the baby’s hair and face are prone to oil, so use soap when cleaning, but be careful not to enter the eyes. Don’t rub hard whenever you take a bath.

(4) after washing, hold the baby in the tub and soak it fully.

(5) when soaking in the tub, if the baby’s mood is good, the parents can tease him happily. If the water temperature is high, add cold water a little If the water is cool, turn on the heating setting and mix quietly It’s dangerous to take hot water directly from the tap. Because it is easy to make baby’s body contact directly.

(6) after lifting the baby from the water, first put it in the dressing room, and then wrap it with the prepared bath towel Adults wear clothes first, then for babies. Don’t worry about the baby catching cold at this time. If there is no dressing room at home, you can also choose to do it in the room.

Someone helped to bathe

The main point is basically not very different from a person’s bath, but according to the situation and their wishes, we need to discuss in advance who will wash in it and who will help.

Babies don’t like baths

There are many babies who cry as soon as they take off their clothes Let alone bathe him in water. That way he’ll be more intense. It’s because his body doesn’t feel peaceful So, don’t think it’s baby timidity. For such a baby, hold him tight and take a quick bath. From soaking him in water, count to 10, and it’s almost washed. In summer, you only need to wash your baby simply. It doesn’t matter if you don’t soak in water.

&It’s an important thing for young parents to know in time. Improper operation, it is easy for the baby to catch cold, or cause other physical discomfort. If you want to learn more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website