One day, when you don’t pay attention, the child sneaks out to play and never goes home again! He’s lost… You look everywhere, but there’s no progress You will regret that you didn’t teach your child to remember the phone number. So how can children remember their parents’ phone numbers?

It’s a good way to make a task clear if you want your child to remember something actively. Some psychological experts have found that the clearer the task and purpose of memory, the higher the excitability of the functional area of memory in human cerebral cortex, the more active the brain cells, and the stronger the knowledge memory.

So, in order to exercise your child’s memory, give him a task every day!

Training objectives

Children can remember their parents’ cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, and other phone numbers that need to be remembered.


Children are familiar with numbers 1-9, and are good at playing the game of making phone calls.


If the practice of memorizing numbers starts from memorizing phone numbers, children will be more receptive and practical. Most of the children are very active in calling their parents. With this feature, they can improve their initiative in remembering phone numbers.

Train one to remember the home phone number

The number of the landline is 8 digits, which can be divided into four parts for children to remember first, and then connected for memory. If there are many repeated numbers in the phone number, such as “68680079” and “85003456”, the arrangement is also distinctive, so long as they are repeated in his ear, the child can easily record them.

Parents can assign tasks to their children in this way: “in these two days, you write down the phone number at home. When you go to the public house on weekends, you call home and tell Dad what you’ve played in one day, OK?”

As soon as I heard that my father asked me to make a phone call independently, my child was excited. He would ask my father to write his phone number to him and read it to several numbers repeatedly until he found a way to remember it.

Train two to remember the phone number of parents

The mobile phone number has 11 digits. Although it’s a little long, as long as it’s repeated in front of them many times, the child hears more and remembers it naturally.

Parents can also be clear about the tasks and requirements of their children. For example, when grandma is old, she always says, “what’s your mother’s number? Look at my memory. You help grandma remember that when I want to call your mother, you can tell Grandma, OK? “

When a child hears this, the initiative to memorize the mobile phone number will increase. With a little help, the parents will tell him to divide 11 digits into three groups, namely, three digits, four digits, or four groups, namely, two digits, three digits, three digits, and three digits, to memorize the mobile phone number. If he repeats it for several days, he will be able to write it down smoothly.


Don’t use a command tone when you need your child to remember someone’s number. Difficult memory materials can’t be memorized by hard means, otherwise it’s easy to forget even after memorizing at that time.

In addition to the phone numbers of several major parents, parents should also teach their children to remember the commonly used emergency numbers 110, 120, 119. When in danger, children can call for help.

Extended Mini training

Give the child the task of memorizing the teacher’s mobile phone number, and say to him, “what’s the mobile phone number of teacher Zhang? My father has a bad memory and always forgets it. Can you remember it for me? As long as you perform very well at home one day, I can call teacher Zhang and let him praise you in front of the whole class.” There is no doubt that the child will remember the numbers soon.

What about? Are these simple methods? As long as children remember their parents’ phone number, parents will never have to worry about their baby’s safety again! If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.