Today in the early winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, and all kinds of heating equipment are used. But fires caused by heating equipment are also on the rise. Baibai safety net reminds us that in winter, when the weather is dry and dry, don’t forget the fire safety when heating~~

Precautions for use of thermal appliances

Electric heater:

Do not bake clothes for a long time in the place very close to the electric heater, and do not close the electric heater to the sleeping bed, furniture, newspaper and magazine stacking place, so as not to bake the surrounding inflammable materials and cause fire.

Electric iron:

Do not iron clothes for a long time. When they are not in use, they should be placed vertically on one side or on a special metal frame. When people leave, they should unplug the plug immediately to prevent fire.

Electric fan:

Avoid using in the bathroom, because the bathroom is humid and moisture filled, which is easy to cause electric leakage and lead to electric shock accidents.

Electric blanket:

When using, it is necessary to lay flat on the mat. The upper layer only needs to cover a sheet. It is not allowed to lay on the bottom of the cotton mat. It is also not allowed to close the switch for a long time to heat up, so as to avoid burning due to the high temperature rise of the cover. Turn off the power when you are about to go to sleep. It is safer to unplug the power plug. When it is not used, it should be folded gently, not folded too small, and it is not allowed to press heavy objects on it after being placed.

Rice cooker:

When using, the inner tank shall be wiped clean. Do not put it into the base with water. The base shall not be washed with water to prevent damage of circuit components in the base, resulting in leakage or short circuit accident.

Electric oven:

When using, please pay attention not to stack clothes, books, magazines and other inflammables around the electric oven, so as to avoid the danger of temperature rise.

Microwave oven: do not idle without putting any food, causing damage to components. Do not use metal containers to hold food for heating, which will also damage the components. Use special containers of microwave oven.

Therefore, Baibai safety net reminds you to pay attention to the fire safety of electricity, regularly check the use of electrical equipment, often check the electrical circuit, to prevent the electrical fire caused by overheating, aging and other reasons. In particular, when using high-power electrical appliances for heating, more attention should be paid to fire safety. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please be sure to lock in our relevant columns.