Asphyxia and swallowing foreign bodies are the main causes of accidental injuries in children, especially in children aged 0-4 years. Every year, thousands of children in China die of this disease, and there are also cases of brain hypoxia and becoming a vegetable. So, should we eliminate the hidden danger of family safety? Safety is no small matter, prevent baby suffocation pay attention to these points!

I. eliminate the hidden danger of family safety and prevent baby suffocation

1. To eliminate the potential danger in children’s sleep is an important content to prevent children from suffocation. Although sleeping in the same bed with the baby is conducive to breastfeeding, baby care and so on, parents accidentally press their limbs on the baby’s head and face during sleep, which is very easy to cause asphyxia, increasing the risk of infant asphyxia. The prone position of infants is more likely to occur than supine and lateral position.

2. Most children are very interested in the toilet, so the toilet must be covered or simply locked.

3. Never leave the baby in the bathroom alone when bathing. In case the baby slips into the water, he may drown and suffocate in a few seconds.

4. The garbage bag should be placed in a concealed place, and the plastic bag should be cleaned up to prevent the baby from picking up and playing, covering his face and causing suffocation.

5. In case of asphyxia, parents should have the knowledge and ability of emergency rescue to deal with the accident, so that the baby can be dealt with timely and properly, and create conditions and win time for transferring to the hospital for emergency treatment.

II. Rescue methods for infants with asphyxia

The steps are as follows:

1. Simple and rapid assessment of vital signs: whether there is heartbeat, breath and pulse.

2. Make the baby lie flat, head back, and airway clear.

3. Break off the mouth with your fingers. If there is any foreign matter in the mouth, take it out quickly.

4. The mouth of the first responder should cover the baby’s nose and mouth, and carry out artificial respiration to make the baby’s chest properly raised. 20 times per minute.

5. If the baby’s heartbeat stops, give external chest compression while artificial respiration, and press the sternum of the next finger at the midpoint of the double nipples with 2-3 fingers, at least 100 times per minute. The ratio of chest compression to artificial respiration was 5:1.

6. If the cause of asphyxia is due to inhalation of foreign body, do not be busy with artificial respiration first, which may make the foreign body further into the airway. The foreign body should be knocked out by back percussion or chest compression. Back percussion is to lay the baby face down on the forearm of the first-aid person. The first-aid person should hold the baby’s jaw to support its head. Between the baby’s two scapulae, use the root of the palm to knock hard for 5 times. Then turn over the baby’s body position, make it lie on the forearm of the emergency person, head down, the forearm of the emergency person is supported on the thigh, and carry out chest compression. That is to say, the same position and technique as external chest compression were given 5 times.

7. Do not stop the steps of basic life support until the baby’s face turns red and there is spontaneous breathing.

8. When the 120 emergency system arrives, cooperate with the emergency personnel to send the baby to the nearest hospital.

Therefore, in order to prevent children from suffocation, parents try to pay attention to their children’s health and find out the hidden dangers of home safety. The common sense about how to prevent children from bumping at home is still being updated. Please continue to pay attention to this website!