Many parents think that for children, home is the safest place, ignoring the potential safety risks. Xiaobian lists several hidden dangers of children’s home safety for you. Pay attention to the decoration of Baoma, so that you can build a perfect children’s safety house for your baby.

Home safety

In terms of safety, on the one hand, it refers to the selection of environmental protection decoration materials and environmental protection furniture. Everyone will pay great attention to this. On the other hand, in some small places, we should also carefully remove the potential safety hazards:

Power supply: specially made safe power supply. At the same time, pay attention to the use of heavy furniture or other coverable concealed empty socket. Any electrical appliance, especially if using a patch panel, should be placed in a place where the baby won’t pay attention to, and the wire should be concealed to avoid the baby using it as a toy, or the risk of neck winding.

Doors and windows: place as few climbing objects as possible under the window, so as to avoid the danger of baby climbing to the top when people are not prepared. In order to avoid the above situation, it is necessary to install a safety lock on the window. At the same time, guardrails can be installed. When the baby is still young, the door clamp device can be selected to prevent the baby from clamping hands and feet.

Use lock or hook: every family needs to use lock to protect the baby from the following items: household cleaner, bleach, disinfectant, sharp tools such as knife and fork, medicine, etc. So before decorating and decorating the new house, mother should make a plan for the arrangement of various articles.

Lighting: it has been reported that white lighting has an adverse effect on the development of the baby’s eyes. Therefore, yellow light is recommended.

Floor: avoid using stone floor indoors to prevent baby falling down. In order to avoid baby allergy, the use of carpet can be minimized.

Furniture selection: try to choose rounded furniture or protective cover for sharp corners. When you are young, try to avoid choosing glassware, such as glass tea table, wine cabinet, etc.

Decorative cloth: when the baby is small, try to avoid using decorative cloth, such as tablecloth. Especially when there is something heavy or hot on the cloth. The baby is likely to pull the cloth down and burn or crush it.

Baby home: most of the cribs are fence type. When purchasing, please pay attention to the fence spacing not more than 6cm, so as to avoid that some part of baby’s body is stuck in the middle. Any thread head and rope on the crib shall not exceed 30 cm, so as to avoid neck winding. Pay special attention to the thread on some hanging toys or bed curtains. This principle also applies to other parts of the home. In the room with heating, it is necessary to deal with the heating: for example, cover the heating with towel in the heating season.

Warm reminder: parents, pay attention to children’s safety, use children’s safety protection products, build a perfect children’s safety room, and let children grow up safely and healthily! If you want to learn more about what kind of good knowledge of children’s protective fence online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read yo, one more knowledge is more care for the baby.