“I don’t want a bath!” “I don’t want to be wet.” Does your baby say the same thing? Many babies are very resistant to bathing. In fact, bathing can become an interesting thing. Let’s share: let baby love bathing, can do these interesting activities!

Share: make bathing an interesting activity

Less than a year old star is particularly afraid of bathing. Every time adults want to bathe him, he will run to the corner to hide. After he was carried to the bathroom by his father, he was still crying and struggling to break away. That heartbreaking cry made his mother’s heart break. In fact, it’s tricky to make your baby fall in love with bathing. Now, let Baoma tell you how to make bathing more interesting:

1. Relax and enjoy

Most pediatricians think that a baby doesn’t need to take a bath every day, but a baby does need to be caressed and teased by mom and dad and other people who love him every day, and taking a bath is one of the opportunities. At the same time, it can also help children develop very important health habits. Bathing is a regular activity for everyone.

2. Make the baby feel safe

If you don’t know how to bathe your baby, you can ask the doctor for advice, and you can also get some experience and advice from the old people, so you will know. When bathing your baby, you can gently sing and talk to your baby, and encourage your child to clap water and play, so that your child can enjoy this time.

3. Make the baby completely comfortable

You can spread the towel on the edge of the bath, help the baby with one hand, make him face you, and bathe the baby with the other hand. Pay attention to bath water and room temperature. Wash your baby with non irritating soap, body wash and soft towel. Close the safety valve of the faucet to prevent the baby from turning it on. After taking the baby out of the bath, wrap him up with a large dry towel. Let the baby enjoy the bath time comfortably.

4. Find out the baby’s habits

Sometimes, you just need to touch your baby’s bath hobby to solve the problem easily. If the baby likes to bathe by himself, you should let him wash by himself. You can choose a toy for him to play with in the bath. But you must be careful not to let soap water hurt your baby’s eyes. According to the baby’s hobby, decide the water temperature and how much water it puts. In other words, let the baby has the final say in the bath. In this way, you and your baby will not quarrel about bathing.

5. Make bathing fun

When you bathe your baby, play with him, laugh and call his name. Don’t be silent like washing a dirty bottle. You can let your baby sing and play games while taking a bath, and tell your baby how to take a bath. You need to check your baby after washing. When the baby grows up, he can put the shower gel on himself. When taking a bath, you can also lift the water on the baby’s face to amuse him, which also prepares him to learn the game later.

Develop your baby’s intelligence to play these “water” games

Games in the bathtub

The baby needs to take a bath every day in hot weather, and does not need to worry about the bath time is long. The baby will get cold, so you can take this opportunity to let the baby play with water for a while. Let the baby experience the effect of buoyancy in the water, put a small floating animal toy with the baby, or let the baby give the toy a bath.

However, it must be noted that too much water should not be discharged in the bathtub, and adults cannot leave, so as to avoid the baby slipping and choking water, which may cause danger. In addition, the water temperature should not be too cold at any time. It is better to be close to the temperature of 37-38 ℃. You can put a small chair in the bathtub for the baby to sit and play naked. When you have plenty of time, you may as well give your baby a small watering can or a small water gun. You don’t need to worry about what you spray. If you let him have an addiction, your baby will be very happy.

Play with the water pistol

Almost all babies like to play with water guns, because water can shoot far in the direction they want, which is very interesting. Mom and dad can use this point to inspire the baby to find out where else in life, which products also have similar characteristics with water guns. For example, the cleaning solution to remove oil in the kitchen, the air freshener used at home However, what mom and dad need to tell the baby is: these things are dangerous, different from the water gun, it is impossible to play with them!

Games in the basin

You can use a washing basin to hold half a basin of water, prepare several small cups, bowls and bottles of different sizes for your baby, preferably plastic ones, and prepare several small toys with different textures, such as table tennis, building blocks, etc., so that your baby can bring a small chair to sit beside the basin, and enjoy playing with these small toys. Let the baby pour the water into the cup from the small bowl, and then into the small bottle from the cup to see if the baby can not spill the water, and exercise the baby’s hand eye coordination ability. Also can let the baby observe what toy will float on the water surface, what toy but sink into the water, tell the baby simply why. You can make a boat out of stencil paper or tin paper and put it in a basin for your baby to play with. Of course, you can also let your baby play at will. If you don’t want to “flood” at home, limit your baby to an activity area or an outdoor yard.

Color water supply

When playing this game, water is adjusted to different colors. Colorful water can increase the fun of playing water and stimulate the baby’s vision.

Different colors of juice can be poured into a transparent cup, kiwi juice is green, orange juice is yellow, grape juice is purple, tomato juice is red It’s good-looking and delicious. It’s really interesting. The baby will like it very much.

Do not forget to replenish water after bathing in autumn

Autumn weather is dry, baby’s skin is also easy to dry itch. So the baby’s water supplement work should be done well. After bathing, wipe off the residual water on the baby’s body surface with a soft towel, and the next step is to help the baby to make the skin hydrated, so that the baby’s skin is hydrated.

The work of replenishing water for babies can be divided into two steps, “internal replenishment” and “external replenishment”. When the baby bathes, the pores of the body open because of the heat, which will accelerate the loss of water in the body, so after the bath, mothers can drink half a cup of warm water for the baby, and “replenish” the water lost in the bath. In terms of “external toning”, mothers can apply baby moisturizer to baby’s face and baby’s body after bath to make baby’s skin “drink” enough water.

&Our goal is: let the baby take a good bath – OK, the above methods may make the baby like to take a bath, you can try. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search