It has become a very common phenomenon that iPad replaces toys. Children can learn a lot from it and experience a lot of fun. But for children with weak control, iPad also has great harm. So should children be exposed to electronic products?

Q: can children have access to iPad and other electronic products?

A: I personally think the first six years of my child’s life are very precious. Try to let the child touch nature and stay away from electronic equipment. If contact is unavoidable, parents can set rules with their children. But please note: parents are not equal to the rules, not to mention the double standards that parents can prohibit children from playing. It is recommended that parents and children face and abide by the rules together.

Q: can children’s kindergartens, primary schools go to private schools, and secondary public schools adapt?

A: private schools usually give children more freedom and less knowledge. Parents worry that they can’t keep up with public junior high schools. In fact, kindergartens and primary schools give children enough care, but in junior high schools they are more able to adapt to the education within the system. However, when choosing a private school, we should pay attention to the personality charm of the school owner, and judge whether the teachers have the same idea and educational ideal; once we choose a private school, we should respect the professionalism of the teachers, and the parents and teachers should take their own responsibility.

Q: do parents accompany their children when they do their homework?

A: whose homework is it? It’s a child’s. Therefore, homework is a child’s business. Whether the homework is completed or not is only a result, which does not mean that ownership can be transferred. When the parents do not interfere, the right of ownership will be clear before the children will have a real responsibility: to decide whether to do homework, when to do homework. Of course, the rhythm and methods of children’s responsibility are all improved in the attempt. Parents should allow children to make mistakes and adjust. If a child’s homework ownership right is deprived, the child will lose the ability to control it more and more. At that time, it will be the parents who work hard and the children who suffer.

We can see from this article that children can still touch electronic products. But parents do not have to strictly control and follow the same principles as their children. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!