At home, parents often watch TV while taking their children, while playing cartoons, while reading books with their babies. Especially when grandparents take their children, they simply put them in front of the TV, which makes it easier to take them. But should children watch TV or not? Listen to parents!

Right: TV can help children acquire knowledge


My family likes watching TV. Every time she sees something interesting, she will imitate it. Now she can dance a lot and also like singing. ——Lele mom

The key is to see how the parents choose. What I show my son is some popular science programs. He knows a lot of animals and plants, as well as many countries and places. It’s very good. ——Good dad


Nowadays, children like watching TV, many of which are due to the increasing number of only children, which leads to the lack of playmates for children, so they can only stay at home with the elderly to watch TV. There are rich sounds on TV, which can provide sufficient auditory stimulation, promote the development of children’s hearing, enrich children’s vocabulary, enable them to gradually master the correct pronunciation, phonation skills and grammar norms, and improve their expression ability. In addition, there are rich images on TV, which can provide more visual stimulation and help children distinguish colors and shapes. Children will try to understand the meaning of TV programs while watching, which is conducive to the development of their thinking.

The opposite side: poor eyesight and inattention


I don’t watch TV for Dudu because every time he watches TV, he stares at the screen without blinking for half a day. It must be bad for his eyesight. — Andy

My son is good! I’m over 3 years old this year. As long as I have TV, mom can stop it! Call him to eat ignore, angry husband locked the home TV in the storage room, no TV, he don’t think about that! ——Yuxi’er


When children are obsessed with TV, what bad effects will appear? Experts say the obvious damage is to affect vision. If children watch TV or audio-visual books for a long time, the eye tissue will always be in a state of tension, resulting in myopia, strabismus and amblyopia.

In addition, watching TV will have a negative impact on children’s thinking, language, imagination, sensory experience, physical strength, emotion and social behavior. Children who love watching TV have poor thinking analysis and strong imitation. In the long run, children are only interested in TV programs, indifferent to the surrounding things, and their personalities tend to become lonely. TV can not only teach children knowledge, but also make them lose active thinking. In cognitive learning, they may become passive, no longer use their brains, and ignore their toys and children. Watching TV for a long time will affect children’s language development and expression ability. Parents worry about inattention because their children watch too much TV. Due to the lack of eye movement, this visual fatigue will lead to insomnia, anxiety, nightmares, headache, hallucinations, difficulty in concentration and dullness of feeling.

Suggestion: watch TV appropriately for children

1. Children can only watch TV for 30 minutes at most; in addition, children’s seats are slightly higher than those on TV.

2. The 2-year-old likes to be regular in everything. He is the happiest to watch his favorite program in a fixed time.

3. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 are the most likely to imitate. However, most of the children between the ages of 2 will not be affected by the content of the program, and will only imitate simple words or actions, so don’t worry too much.

4. Don’t show children some impact, such as some aggressive, frightening or disturbing pictures, which are easy to cause children’s sleeplessness, night terrors, loss of appetite and other phenomena. Little sister

Whether we let children watch TV or not, the most important thing is to guide children to watch TV in the right way, so as to benefit children. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.