With the popularity of digital TV, when the baby is very young, many parents have let the baby touch TV, many parents use TV to provide early education knowledge for their children. However, many mothers wonder whether they want to watch TV for their children. In fact, whether they should watch TV for their children depends on their age!

Watch TV for your baby, depending on your age!

Before the age of 4 months, the early education function of TV is mainly to listen to music. The sweet music can ease the baby’s mood. Comprehensive programs can provide various sound stimulation for the baby. The family can not be too quiet. The quiet environment is to deprive the baby of the chance to know the world.

At the age of 5-9 months, the development of baby’s vision is basically completed, and the baby can watch TV for a short time and provide visual training, such as “antenna baby” which is a relatively static program, but it is not suitable to watch for a long time, or it is too close to the TV, so as to avoid the damage of vision caused by TV light and radiation. This stage is mainly listening.

At the age of 10-22 months, as the baby grows up, he begins to be interested in TV. He often stops his toys and looks at the situation on TV. In fact, the baby not only likes cartoon, but also is interested in the dialogue plot in the feature film. At this stage, the baby likes to observe and listen to the scene language. Cartoon is suitable for the baby to learn some knowledge, while the feature film from life is more suitable for the baby to learn language.

At the age of 24-36 months, the baby gradually becomes a little adult. He has his own opinion on watching TV, and TV becomes an important source of knowledge. You should not only respect the baby’s optional programs or purchase discs, but also control the content and time, protect the baby from the influence of bad programs, and let him develop good viewing habits.

From the content of this article, we can know that we should treat TV watching differently according to the age of the baby, so that we can help the babies of different ages. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!