Some mothers may not care about the safety of their baby’s sleep, think it’s just a sleep, how can they sleep differently? In the past, the children didn’t pay so much attention. Didn’t they grow up well? In the United States, more than 3500 babies die suddenly in sleep every year. There are no specific statistics in China. This is “sudden infant death syndrome”, or SIDS for short. At present, no clear cause of the disease has been found, but some measures can reduce the risk! What we need to do is to understand these precautions and apply them to life, so as to ensure the safety of children’s sleep to the greatest extent. The following small edition on the six elements to ensure the safety of baby sleep.

I. avoid baby falling out of bed

Most families have had a baby fall off the bed to the floor, and probably more than once. But parents can’t “educate” their babies not to fall out of bed, they have to be more careful.

Try to make sure that you are attended to at all times. Never take it lightly. The safety of a baby is a big deal, and the absence of mindfulness (e.g. playing with a mobile phone) when unattended or nursing is an important reason for an accident.

Leave the baby in an absolutely safe environment. For example, when you learn to turn over, you can put a big pillow around your baby to keep him from turning over; when you learn to turn over continuously, you need to pile things on the four corners of the pillow around you to prevent him from turning over from the weak link; when you use a baby’s back towel or a baby’s back belt to “fix” your baby on yourself, you can also prevent the baby from leaving the bed when the parents leave temporarily.

A crib or a large bed fence, and lay a foam floor around the ground, or padded mats, pillows, etc.

In case the baby falls off the bed, it can provide buffer to avoid falling on the hard floor directly and causing injury.

When you put your baby on the sofa or armchair, don’t let yourself fall asleep.

2. Supine sleep

Whether sleeping in the daytime or at night, it is necessary to ensure that the baby falls asleep in the supine position. This is an essential element in reducing sudden infant death syndrome.

When the baby grows to 4 to 7 months old, the baby is lying on his back at the beginning of sleep. However, because most babies have certain control over their head and neck, they will gradually turn over to lie on their back during sleep. After 6 months, the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome decreased significantly. Parents don’t need to turn their babies into supine sleep, but make sure they have enough room to move.

For older babies, they like to sleep on their stomach. Some parents are worried that they will crush their baby’s internal organs or have any disease. In fact, for the baby, it may be a habit. The baby feels comfortable sleeping on his stomach. The parents don’t need special help to turn over.

III. check the safety of cribs, bassinets and parent-child beds

Pay special attention to the second-hand or used cribs, bassinets and parent-child beds. First, check whether they have passed the safety test as written in the instructions. With the continuous improvement of safety standards, some products have been recalled or stopped selling.

IV. The indoor temperature should not be too high when the baby sleeps

The crib should be placed in a warm and dark place in the room, away from the window is preferred.

The temperature of the baby’s room should be about 22-26 degrees. Adults can only wear a single garment to feel comfortable. If the baby is no longer swaddled, use a sleeping bag. If the room is cooler, you can use two sleeping bags, or put on pajamas or one-piece baby clothes for the baby.

5. Ensure that there are no dangerous articles in the crib or sleeping area

Do not put quilts, loose blankets, pillows, soft or elastic buffers, plush toys, toys that are easy to fall off small accessories, soft bedding, sheepskin pads or soft and elastic crib buffers in the place where babies sleep;

When the baby can do pulling and grasping actions, the blanket, quilt, etc. should not be hung on the side of the crib, and the wall hanging curtain should be far away from the baby’s accessible place, etc.

Vi. parents or other people need to separate beds with the baby

The key to taking care of your baby at night is not sleeping in the same bed, but responding and meeting your baby’s needs in time! Parents or other people shall not sleep in the same bed, sofa or armchair with the baby, so as to avoid accidental pressure on the baby when the parents and family are sleeping.

In addition, breast-feeding babies, night milk is best not to take a lie down position, in case of sleep when night milk causes baby suffocation.

The above is the six factors that Xiaobian introduced to you to ensure the safety of your baby’s sleep. We should learn how to ensure the safety of your baby’s sleep after the baby is born. There are too many accidents and we have to be alert. We must be careful. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!