Nowadays, there are more and more children’s furniture products available in the market, with various styles and styles; with the continuous progress of science and technology, there are more and more materials for children’s furniture manufacturing. There are two kinds of raw materials for making children’s furniture: solid wood and wood-based panel. Are solid wood furniture really healthy now?

Solid wood furniture and nature may not be equal

Zhao Shoutian, director of mahogany branch of China Furniture Association, pointed out that due to the scarcity of a lot of wood, there is less and less use of whole board, that is, a large piece of wood to make solid wood furniture.

At present, some of the raw materials of solid wood furniture are two or more pieces of wood glued into a single board, and some are pieces of wood glued to the skin. This production method will also involve the use of glue, and many glue are formaldehyde containing, that is to say, there will be a part of solid wood furniture, although the use of solid wood, but also a certain amount of formaldehyde release.

Generally speaking, at present, the adhesives mainly used in furniture are urea formaldehyde glue and white glue, in which the formaldehyde content of urea formaldehyde glue is higher, and the formaldehyde emission of white glue is relatively small.

And making mahogany furniture also has a kind of fish skin glue, which is a completely natural material and does not contain formaldehyde.

Therefore, when we buy solid wood furniture, we should try our best to choose brand products that pass the national quality inspection. Consumers can ask the seller to make a description of the wood and glue used in the furniture.

When buying solid wood furniture, try to avoid too many pieces of furniture. Specific questions can be inquired from the seller, and the relevant information of wood can be written into the purchase contract as a condition of safeguarding rights.

In addition, after the solid wood furniture is bought home, it should be placed and ventilated for at least two months before being put into use, so as to ensure the volatilization of harmful gases and avoid health damage.

It can be seen that solid wood furniture and nature may not be equal. Parents need to distinguish more when purchasing solid wood furniture. Don’t always believe the salesperson’s introduction, which is easy to be fooled. If you are interested in how to prevent children from knocking at home, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.