Generally, there are two forms of direct lightning stroke and indirect lightning stroke. Direct lightning stroke includes direct lightning stroke and side lightning stroke. It refers to the phenomenon of electric shock caused by direct lightning discharge to the ground through human body, buildings, equipment, etc. in the lightning activity area. So, how to prevent lightning stroke? This article 100 hundred safety net to talk about the strong wind thunderstorm days, teach you how to prevent lightning!

Those who are seriously hit by lightning may die

“Lightning damage to human body has direct effect of electric current, overpressure or dynamic effect, and high temperature effect. When a person is shocked by lightning, the current passes through the human body quickly, which can cause the heart rate and breathing to stop, and the brain tissue to die due to lack of oxygen. ” Director Peng Shilin said.

In addition, when lightning strikes, it produces sparks, which can also cause different degrees of skin burns. Therefore, in summer, when thunderstorms come, we should pay attention to the prevention work.

How to avoid lightning strike outdoors

1. In case of thunderstorm, outdoor activities shall be stopped immediately. Do not stay at the top of the mountain or in the high hill area, or walk or stand in the open field. Look for lightning protection place as soon as possible

2. If you are in an open place during a thunderstorm, you should squat on the ground with your hands on your knees, with your chest close to your knees, and look down at the ground, because your head is most likely to be struck by lightning

3. Don’t stand under the big tree to avoid the rain during the thunderstorm, because when the strong lightning current flows into the ground through the big tree and spreads around, it will generate different voltages in different places, and there is a voltage difference between the two feet standing on the human body, causing injury

4. Don’t hold umbrella with metal handle during thunderstorm. It’s safer to wear raincoat.

5. During thunderstorm, it is forbidden to swim, row or fish in the river, lake or river

6. If you are driving during thunderstorm, you should stay in the car

It’s very important to rescue yourself on the spot

If there is a lightning stroke, the first time self-help is very important. Director Peng Shilin said that if the lightning strikes the head and spreads to the ground through the body, it will paralyze people’s nerves and hearts, which is likely to be fatal.

When people are shocked by lightning current, their heart will either stop beating or vibrate at an irregular rate. Both of these conditions stop blood circulation and cause brain nerve damage. People may die in a few minutes. Therefore, at this time, we should rescue at the same time and send them to the nearest hospital for treatment.

4 on site first aid methods

1. If the injured person’s clothes catch fire, he / she should lie down immediately so that the flame will not burn on his / her face.

2. If the injured person has fallen into a coma and his breathing stops, he / she should lie on the ground, unbutton his / her clothes and carry out resuscitation immediately.

3. On the way to the hospital, pay attention to keep the injured warm. If there are manic, restless, convulsive and other symptoms, cold compress the head of the injured.

4. During on-site rescue, do not move the wounded at will. If it is necessary to move, the rescue interruption time shall not exceed 30 seconds.

The above is about how to prevent lightning and first aid knowledge. In recent years, electronic equipment is often damaged by lightning in daily operation, even causing system paralysis and casualties. It is necessary to take effective internal lightning protection measures. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!