The environment of children’s growth has a subtle influence on their physical and mental development. A well-organized, warm and harmonious home can best meet the security, stability, support, dependence, care and love of children’s growth. How many of the following are suitable for your baby’s home environment?

Suitable temperature and humidity

If the climate is dry, people will feel their throat dry and itchy, especially for newborns. His respiratory system is not yet fully developed, a little stimulation may cause a strong response, so it is necessary to keep the temperature and humidity of the baby’s room in a reasonable range.


The room temperature is 18 ~ 20 ℃, and the humidity is about 50%.

You can prepare a hygrometer to check the indoor environment at any time.

When using air conditioner in summer, it is generally recommended to adjust the temperature control between 28 ~ 30 ℃, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large. Air conditioning is easy.

To dry the moisture in the air, more water should be sprinkled in the house to maintain the humidity.

The newborn needs to keep warm, so it is very urgent to prevent cold in winter. In addition to heating equipment such as heating and air conditioning,

You can also use a hot water bag or a bottle full of hot water to keep warm. Pay attention to safety when using, do not burn the baby.

No matter in winter or in summer, the baby’s room should be opened every day for ventilation, which not only ensures the circulation of fresh air, but also reduces the number of viruses in the air, so that the baby is not easy to get sick.

Let the baby live in a safe environment

Since the baby was born, he has been growing up under the protection of his parents. However, some dangers are hidden in the home environment. Knowing what may harm him, we can prevent disasters in advance.

In fact, there are hidden dangers in the decoration of many families, such as high formaldehyde content in some rooms. There is evidence that formaldehyde is one of the causes of infantile leukemia.

More than if someone in the family smokes. Babies living in smog are more likely to suffer from upper respiratory diseases.

Some families have pets. A pet may be an allergen in a baby’s asthma.


Newly decorated rooms with new furniture should not be used as children’s rooms.

If you don’t smoke around your baby, go outside.

Families with pets should pay more attention to sanitation. If they can’t do so, please send the pets away.

The baby’s room can’t be covered with carpet. There are many dust and mites in the carpet, which will not only cause illness but also cause allergy, skin disease and asthma.

Need space for natural sound

Unlike many novice parents, the baby is more suitable for a place full of sound than a quiet space. The voices of family members’ conversation, laughter, the creak of the switch furniture, the lively stir fry, and the sound of the TV and stereo are all the voices that the baby is interested in.

The stimulation of sound to a baby’s senses is the training of his brain; unless it’s too noisy, it doesn’t need to be isolated deliberately.

In addition to the natural sound, you can also play beautiful music for your baby. Music can make people happy. Even when a newborn hears wonderful music, the corresponding position of his cerebral cortex will produce physiological changes, indicating that he is enjoying it!


You don’t need to put your baby in a quiet room. You should take him out to work more, so that he can get familiar with the sounds around him more quickly. Babies prefer to sleep in a sound that makes them feel safe.

Give the baby a well lit room

Sunshine plays a very important role in baby’s growth. In the newborn period, because the vision is not fully developed, the baby’s eyes can only feel light, but can’t see clearly, so the baby will often stare at the top of the head lamp “trance”.


It is best to let the baby live in a room facing south, which is sunny and can stimulate the visual development of the baby. Often open the window to let the baby bask in the sun. Ultraviolet light in the sun can kill bacteria and promote calcium absorption. But to avoid direct sunlight on the baby’s eyes, the right way is to let the sun shine on the baby’s back and brain.

The light in the room should not be too dark or too bright. Some people hang thick curtains in the house, thinking that it is to protect the eyes of the newborn. In fact, it is not right. We should let the baby slowly adapt to the natural light.

Create a home environment suitable for baby

1. The traditional habit of sitting on the moon is to keep both the mother and the newborn in the room. In fact, this practice is wrong. The air in the room is not circulating, forming a closed and dirty environment, which is harmful to the health of adults and babies.

2. The first step to protect the baby’s health is to avoid environmental pollution at home. Comfortable and safe environment is good for baby’s growth and mental health.

3. When cleaning the floor and furniture, water alone is not enough to effectively remove bacteria. The correct way is to scrub with disinfectant regularly. Mops and brooms should also be sterilized regularly.

The power of heredity is powerful, and the influence of environment is also amazing. When parents design their children’s parenting plans, they must take two factors into consideration. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to look up. I hope it can help you!