After the beginning of summer, the weather is getting hotter day by day. Adults can’t stand the heat. They can take a cool bath happily, but the baby with delicate skin can’t do it. In summer, taking a bath is the key to prevent heat! Next, let’s list a few plans for bathing the baby in summer, hoping to help the new parents.

1. Menthol bath

In summer, when you go to the park and the ridge of the field, you will find a bunch of green plants, which are clear and serene. They send out a special fragrance, just like green clouds. It’s pleasant to see. That’s mint. Peppermint can afforest the environment for people to watch. Because it contains volatile oil, the main components of the oil are menthol, menthol and menthol acetate, it has special effects in the prevention and treatment of prickly ash. Peppermint Bath is mainly used in clinic. Side with fresh mint 150 grams, fried water bath, suitable for all ages.

2. Peach leaf bath

Using peach leaves to control prickly heat is an old prescription, which is still popular in Japan and Taiwan. The method is to dry the peach leaves in a bag and bathe the child in hot water with 50g when using, which can prevent the occurrence of prickly heat. If the condition of long prickly heat is serious, it is better to boil the peach leaves into juice and mix it into the bath water, or directly use it to wipe the affected area. When boil peach leaf juice, its proportion is: 100 grams of peach leaf, 1000 ml of water. Boil it to half water. Because of the tannin content in peach leaves, it can quickly dissipate prickly heat, and play the role of detoxification, antiphlogistic, analgesic and antipruritic.

3. Wormwood bath

In summer, a very lush wormwood leaf can be seen everywhere on the riverside and hillside. After washing the dust on the leaf and boiling it with a large amount of water for half an hour, bathing the child with the boiled medicine can not only prevent and treat prickly heat, but also prevent the occurrence of other skin diseases in summer, and play the role of moisturizing and beautifying.

Bathing the baby looks like a common and common thing, but in fact, it contains a lot of knowledge. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!