Summer is coming, the sultry weather makes many families take out fans to cool. However, while the fan brings cool, it also brings security risks. The curious baby is young and ignorant, and sometimes it will be accidentally hurt.

Safety story

One day in summer vacation, Mengmeng felt very hot. So, my mother turned on the electric fan, and the fan leaf turned. The cool wind was slow and the sprouting felt more comfortable.

Suddenly, she became interested in the leaves of the electric fan. It turned out to be only three leaves. Now it can produce such cool wind. She thought it was amazing. So she reached out to touch the magic leaf.

When mom saw it, she quickly grabbed her hand: “don’t touch the leaves of the rotating electric fan. The leaves will” bite “your hand.” Mengmeng doesn’t believe it. Her mother takes some pieces of paper and carefully shoves them into the leaves of the electric fan. She only hears “crackling” and the paper is bitten to pieces. Now Mengmeng believes it. She can’t play video fans anymore.

Security strategies

① don’t get too close to the electric fan. The wind from the electric fan is cool, but you can’t get too close to it. Too much blowing will make you cold. If you are a girl with long hair, you should stay away from it. Otherwise, if your hair is twisted in, it will be too dangerous.

② do not touch the working electric fan. The blades of the rotating electric fan are very sharp. Don’t touch them with your fingers, let alone insert other things into the fan, so as to avoid danger.

Do not imitate the program. On some shows, people plug in fans with their hands, but they don’t get hurt. Children must not imitate, or they will get hurt.

④ avoid electric shock. To switch on and off the fan correctly, do not touch the switch and plug of the fan with wet hands, otherwise it will be electrified.

In a word, summer is coming, please make sure that the baby can use the fan safely. Compared with persuasion, the method of adding safety cover to the fan is feasible, and cost-effective. The fan can continue to be used, which is a good way to solve the problem. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!