Everyone knows that it’s not good for children to contact electronic products frequently, but if you really want to ask about the harm, almost everyone will give a reason: playing mobile phone and watching TV will hurt your eyes, and it’s easy to be shortsighted. Survey shows that myopia of primary school students, most of them are related to watching TV and computer! Incorrect reading, writing posture and so on. Another is that many children who come to the hospital for examination often find that their eyesight problems are too late.

Mydriatic optometry is necessary for children under 13

“Is mydriasis necessary for optometry? Does this have an effect on the eyes? ” Xia Likun introduced that this is a problem that many parents are concerned about, and it is also a misunderstanding of the optometry and mirror industry at present. Generally speaking, children under the age of 13 must be mydriatic when optometry, mydriatic is to determine the type of ametropia, identify true and false myopia and accurate diopter. But mydriasis is harmless to children’s eyes, only to let children’s eyes temporarily in a resting state.

Children 3.5-4 years old should have their eyesight checked after watching TV

Many old people think: “children can’t wear glasses, otherwise the degree will be bigger and bigger.” To this end, Xia said, the increase in the number of glasses is not caused by wearing glasses. It is difficult to use the eyes continuously without glasses, and the vision declines faster instead. Choosing appropriate glasses can not only improve vision, but also reduce visual fatigue. In addition, we see many children wearing glasses, maybe not because of nearsightedness but because of astigmatism.

In addition, some preschool children always blink after watching TV. The parents think that it may be caused by the long time of watching TV and visual fatigue. They just let them stop watching TV and rest. Xia Likun said that in fact, when children blink after watching TV, it may be that there is a problem with their eyesight. At this time, parents had better take them to the hospital to check their eyesight, optometry or fundus.

Visual development is related to outdoor sports

Many people will pay attention to the light when children read or write their homework. Xia Likun said that the ordinary fluorescent lamp is enough for family lighting, without special lighting. If children read books, they can also add a small table lamp as auxiliary light source, which is not good for dark and strong light lines.

Remind children to stop and rest for 5-10 minutes when doing homework or reading for 45 minutes. They can keep their eyes closed, do eye exercises or overlook.

In addition to excessive use of eyes, genetic and other factors, the factors that affect children’s vision may also be related to the lack of nutrients that mothers supplement during pregnancy. Lutein is an important element to protect and delay the aging of eyes. The retina and macula are responsible for image perception, fine vision and clarity. It is necessary to distinguish colors and read. If the macula and retina are short of lutein for a long time, vision will be affected.

Source of lutein: spinach, lettuce, celery, carrot, corn, orange, etc (our reporter Gu Tingting)

Baibai safety net has to remind you: turn off the TV and throw away the mobile phone, computer! They’re not good to mess with! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.