&After a baby is born, many people take care of the baby as the top priority of their family. The birth of a new baby and the ignorance of their parents are likely to cause many problems, such as bathing. But bathes for the small baby, the treasure dads have own clever move, looks together

When Bao dad washed his face, his brain suddenly opened. This washbasin can put the baby down. It’s easy to put the baby in it for bathing. So when Bao Ma is not at home with the baby, he secretly put the baby into the washbasin for bathing. When he just put the baby in, he can cry all the time. When he turns on the tap, the water flows down. The baby stops crying. Bao dad washes it for him In the bath, he was staring at the tap and playing. Both of them enjoyed themselves. Later, when Baoma found out, she didn’t beat baopa to death. She wanted him to play with her children. Later, Baoma found that it was quite effective to bathe her baby like this. The baby never cried, so she washed it like this all summer. But every time she bathed, she would put a towel under her baby’s head to prevent bruises.

Baopa bathed the baby like this, but the baby didn’t cry

Like Baoma, baopa is not careful and loving to take care of the baby. He can always bring the baby by surprise. Although it’s wonderful, sometimes it works.

Mother Wang: my husband can play with children very much. When he is free, he shouts: come here, son, dad will make a face for you, and then he will knead his son’s face. All kinds of faces are made for experiments on the child’s face. The silly son is also smiling.

Mom Liu: my husband loves to play games. He always takes his son to watch the war. More or less, my son is also affected. Whenever my son makes trouble for nothing, my husband will come here: come here, my son. Don’t worry about your mother. Let’s play the game. Stand there. Stand still. Don’t move. Now I will give you important instructions.

Mother Wu: he often asks his husband to take the baby with him. He is also willing to let the baby eat his nipple every time when the baby cries. Although it works well, it’s not sanitary. He said that he would not listen to it many times. Finally, when he was bitten by the baby, he never dared to cry again. He deserves it.

&It seems that father Bao will also bathe the baby. Mothers may as well give father Bao a try to bathe the baby and increase the parent-child relationship. If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read