Infant metabolism is fast, and dirt is easy to grow on the skin. The biggest advantage of bathing a baby is that it can clean the baby’s skin in time, and the smooth and clean baby is loved by everyone. And the new baby bath, a total of six steps, to see which step you fall?

The steps of bathing a new baby

Bath necessities: bathtub, washbasin, hot water kettle, towel, gauze, bath towel, baby soap, talcum powder, cotton stick, thermometer.

Bathing steps: when bathing, the room temperature should be 5-8 ℃ higher than usual. If the room temperature cannot meet the standard, sunlight should also be emitted from outside.

(1) before bathing, put the changed clothes and diapers on the quilt or bed. If the weather is too cold, warm the clothes with a hot water bag.

(2) pour 39-40 ℃ warm water into the bathtub. Parents can use their elbows to test whether the water temperature is appropriate. When heating the water, the baby should be picked up first, and then put in after heating and mixing.

(3) do not bathe in the basin before the umbilical cord of the newborn falls off. Wash the upper body first, then the lower body to avoid contamination of the navel. After the umbilical cord falls off, you can bathe in a basin.

(4) before entering the water, wrap the baby’s whole body with a bath Jin, expose the head, and then slowly put it into warm water to avoid the panic and uneasiness of the baby due to taking off his clothes and immersing in the water.

(5) when cleaning, hold the newborn’s head and neck with the left hand, press the thumb and middle finger forward from the back of the child’s auricle respectively, and block the ear hole to prevent water from entering. Then wash the head with your right hand, from head to foot. Every time you wash, you can open some of the wrapped bath towels. Rub soap on your hands before applying it to the baby. After wiping the soap, wash it with water, and then wrap the bath towel. After washing the front face, hold the baby’s armpit with your right hand, and let the baby lie on the right forearm of the adult. The adult can take out his left hand to wash the baby’s back and buttocks. The action of bathing should be gentle and quick as possible.

(6) after bathing, wrap the baby’s body with a dry towel, put it on the bed, suck the water from head to foot, do not wipe it with force, then put the baby on the prepared clothes, then pour the talcum powder into the adult’s hands, smear it on the baby’s armpit and buttocks, and finally put the clothes on.

Time and times of bathing: the best time is 1 hour after breast-feeding, 10 am to 2 pm. The bath time should be 10 minutes. The frequency is twice a day in summer and once a day in other seasons.

Because the newborn still has limited sweat, it does not need to take a bath every day. It can be washed every two days. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!