In autumn, it is a headache to bathe the newborn. The water cooling is not good, the heat is not good, the length of time, what is the right washing method is a headache for the new father and new mother. Here’s a talk about bathing your baby in autumn. Just remember these points!

Control the temperature in the bathroom

Autumn is not as warm as summer, especially in the evening, the indoor temperature is obviously not high, so you must control the indoor temperature when bathing your baby. Generally, the indoor temperature of the baby’s bath should be above 30 degrees. As soon as autumn comes, the weather is not too cold, so there is no heating facilities. As long as the water in the water heater is heated, and then the water is put in the bathroom for a while, the temperature will rise. If winter comes, we will have to resort to all kinds of heating facilities.

Control the water temperature in the bathtub

The water temperature in the bathtub is generally 38-40 ℃. In order to avoid scalding the baby, pour cold water into the bathtub first and then heat the water. If there is no thermometer, you can use your elbow or wrist to test the water temperature. There is not too much water in the bathtub. Generally, the baby sits in the bathtub, and the water just hasn’t passed the baby’s little navel.

Train your baby to take a shower

We all know that shower is a safer way of bathing than bathtub, so as the baby grows up day by day, mothers can guide the baby to take a shower. It can be divided into three steps: first let the baby wash while using the shower head to wash the baby in the bathtub, let the baby adapt to the shower head, then slowly let the baby stand in the bathtub to wash the shower, and finally take the bathtub open, let the baby wash the shower.

Proper use of bath products

In autumn, the skin is dry, so it is not recommended to use bath gel every night for bathing. In autumn, the baby wears too much to prevent dust from falling on the skin, and the baby perspires less. It is unnecessary to use bath gel every day, so that the baby’s skin is too dry, causing itching and other discomfort. If you enter the winter, you can properly wipe the baby’s special skin care products after bathing.

Mothers should keep in mind that it is not too long to bathe their babies every time. Generally, it takes about 5 minutes. Bathing also consumes physical strength. Too long bathing time of babies will lead to hunger and other discomfort. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website.