&Generally, many mothers often help their babies to wash and clean up the filth and bacteria on their bodies, but many mothers don’t know that in fact, some parts of their babies can’t be touched randomly. They wash them with water and soap blindly, which may cause some problems instead. So give baby bath, what parts can’t be washed at random

Take care not to touch these places when bathing

Those parts of the baby should be washed, those parts can not be forced to wash, mothers must not be ignored!!!

1. Fontanelle: for the newborn, fontanelle is really a key part of the formula. The baby has two fontanels, one is called anterior fontanelle, and the other is called posterior fontanelle. This two places is the most vulnerable place for babies. If you rub it hard or touch it with a hard object, it is very easy to cause brain infection. But if Mom and Dad don’t clean the fontanelle, it’s likely that the dirt will accumulate, and they will stifle a seborrheic eczema (commonly known as milk ringworm) for a long time without cleaning, which is likely to cause infection of the baby’s head. So mothers must pay attention to their strength when cleaning.

2. Navel: the navel of the newborn is as important as the fontanelle of the baby. It is directly connected to the baby’s body. How to clean it is not only easy to get infected. Mothers should pay attention to the baby’s navel. They don’t need to clean it every day. They should clean it every other time.

3. Ears: mothers should pay attention not to wash their babies’ ears with towels when bathing their babies. Some mothers even use cotton to clean their inner ear canal. This is the wrong way!

4. Privacy: the baby’s privacy must be well protected and not cleaned randomly, especially the secretion of the female baby is the baby’s natural protective film, which is often cleaned, which is harmful to the baby’s health.

&In this way, it’s not easy to bathe the baby who is white and soft all over the body. It’s very important to focus on washing and simple washing! Do you remember all that? If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search