The baby’s skin is delicate, the cuticle is thin, the subcutaneous capillaries are rich, the defense function is poor, and the baby’s delicate skin is very easy to be stimulated by sweat, stool, dust and inflammation, therefore, cleaning the skin is a newborn care can not be ignored, so it is essential to bath baobaoqin!

How to bathe the baby?

1. To bathe a baby, first prepare the following items:

① special bath basin. Children should have a special bath and keep it clean.

② special bath soap. The baby’s skin is very soft, delicate and delicate, and the sebum secretion of the skin is very weak. Therefore, do not use the alkaline soap with strong stimulation, but use the special soap for children.

③ prickly ash powder. Especially in summer, in order to prevent the baby’s skin from becoming inflamed due to dampness and friction, after bathing, put some prickly ash powder on his body, especially on his armpit, neck and groin. In this way, it can also make the baby feel comfortable without prickly ash.

④ room temperature and water temperature. The temperature of the baby’s bath room should be between 18-22 ℃, and the water temperature should be about 37 ℃, which is equivalent to the child’s temperature, so the child will not feel cold or hot. At the same time, there should be no draught.

⑤ prepare bath towel, clean clothes and diapers.

2. The specific bathing process is as follows:

First of all, parents should wash their hands, and then use a soft towel to gently scrub the baby’s face (do not rub it), wash the ears, and use cotton balls to scrub the ears, eyes and nostrils respectively.

Next, take off the clothes for the child, wipe the buttocks, so as not to dirty the bath water, and then put some bath soap on the child. Then, gently put him in the water with appropriate temperature, and wash the soap off his body with his hand.

After washing, take the child out of the water, immediately put on a dry and soft bath towel, dry the water gently and carefully, especially pay attention to the places with wrinkles, such as ears, neck, armpit, navel, external genitalia, and interphalangeal area.

Finally, put some prickly ash powder on the baby and put the baby on the prepared clean clothes.

Take a bath frequently for the baby, scientific methods are indispensable! In fact, when mothers bathe their babies again, they must pay attention to scientific methods and methods. They must not take it for granted, otherwise they will harm their children. Mothers need to pay attention! If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.