We have attached great importance to bathing our baby since childhood. We have a bathtub and a bathtub at home. When we take a bath, we play music, play some toys, and occasionally come to a bubble bath. So our baby likes to take a bath very much. Summer has come, the babies have to take a bath every day. Taking a bath is not a small thing. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will lead to baby’s injury, illness or even serious accidents. So today, let’s see if you have these bad habits of taking a bath!

Five bad habits of bathing baby in summer

Don’t take bath as a small matter any more. Please take a good look at the following bath knowledge!

01. Bad habit 1: too much Shower Gel

Too much shower gel is not easy to clean, but also easy to make the baby’s body very slippery. It is easy to slide out when the adult holds it up, which may cause the baby to fall.

02. Bad habit 2: walk away during bathing

When adults bathe their babies, they think they just walk away for a while, go to pick up a toy, or take a towel, clothes, etc. even if they can walk and leave them alone in the bathroom, they are also prone to drowning, falling and other risks.

03. Vice 3: heating water in the middle of bath

If you take a bath in the tub, especially in winter, the water is easy to cool. Some parents are greedy for convenience and directly add water to the tub, which has a great potential safety hazard.

The baby is curious. If he stretches his hand forward, it is very easy to have an accident. Or the heating water fails to know the water temperature in the basin synchronously, which causes the baby to be scalded.

04. Bad habit 4: wash the baby directly with a showerhead

Whether it is gas water heater or electric water heater, the water temperature will be relatively low when it is just opened. Those water heaters that have been used for a long time are easy to be hot and cold. If you don’t pay attention, your baby is easy to catch cold or get scalded. It’s better to adjust the water temperature in the bathtub before bathing the baby.

05. Vice 5: the hot water switch is installed too low

Young children are curious. The more their parents don’t let them play, the more they want to try.

In a word, after reading these, parents should remember the five bad habits of baby bathing in summer, otherwise it will harm the baby. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!