Now more and more parents pay attention to accompany their children, watch and participate in parent-child activities, read and play together 3D film also attracts children and parents with its unique charm. It’s really a good activity for parents to accompany their children to watch 3D movies, but it’s prudent to take preschoolers to watch 3D movies!

Take preschoolers to see 3D movies, be careful!

First of all, it is difficult to guarantee the health of 3D glasses. Summer movie theaters are very popular, for example, if the cinema does not disinfect 3D glasses for children to use, then it may infect eye diseases, such as red eye disease. Therefore, before parents give their children to wear, it is best to repeatedly wipe the 3D glasses with alcohol mask or disinfectant paper towel, and then wear them after drying. After going home, wash the child’s face and hands carefully. Do not rub the eyes repeatedly with your hands to reduce the risk of infection.

Secondly, children’s eyes are still developing before the age of 6. They often watch 3D movies, which will make their eyes over tired. If they don’t get relief for a long time, they will induce pseudomyopia. Therefore, parents should carefully choose to take their children to the cinema. Even if they watch it once in a while, they should not watch it for more than 2 hours in a row. Parents should ask their children if they are sick or sick when watching the movie. In case of discomfort, stop watching immediately.

Third, don’t sit too far ahead when watching 3D movies. People’s eyes will constantly adjust to adapt to the content of the screen, so it is very easy to cause visual fatigue. Children of appropriate age should choose the middle and rear position to watch 3D films. Parents should also teach their children to blink consciously when watching the film to relieve eye fatigue.

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