Now more and more parents pay attention to accompany their children, watch and participate in parent-child activities, read and play together The film also attracts children and parents with its unique charm. It’s really a good activity for parents to accompany their children to watch movies, but we must pay attention to some problems in taking them to see movies. So take the children to the movies, and do enough preparation work!

Children’s words bring laughter to the audience

“How to give it back?” in the movie theater, a word from the little boy caused the whole audience to laugh. The child didn’t understand what was going on, and then he laughed. The child’s mother was so embarrassed that she tugged at his sleeve and motioned him not to speak.

“The kid looks like he’s only 10 years old. I don’t think he can understand a lot of plots. He’s been asking about this and that before.” The lady sitting next to the little boy said that in one part of the film, the automatic sales machine jammed, and the heroine shot and kicked at the machine again. The little boy asked what the machine was, and his mother probably didn’t know how to answer, so she asked him not to talk. Who knows that the camera gave a close-up of the word “automatic sales machine”, and answered for his mother.

“As soon as I can’t see, I’ll cover his eyes. I’ve covered his eyes five times. The child still makes money. I don’t see much just because I’m struggling with him.” At the end of the show, Mr. Zhang, who took his son to see the film, said that he wanted to see “panda story”, and chose “general love” without buying a ticket. There are at least three children under the age of 12 in this game, and there are many three people coming together outside.

Some viewers said that “general love” is not too much for adults, but it seems inappropriate to show it to children, if only there is a hint for parents. Reporter then found movie poster, there is no “children should not” prompt.

Children are afraid to take their girls out of the cinema

“Now I’m good at learning. Before taking my daughter to the movies, I’ll do my homework. I’ll go to the Internet to watch the reviews and ask the colleagues I’ve seen. I’ll make sure there’s no plot that’s not suitable for children.” Ms. Li said that she took her daughter from primary school to watch “Nanjing, Nanjing” last time. If she wanted her child to receive some patriotic education, the picture made her fear and hide behind her. As a result, Ms. Li escaped from the cinema with her daughter before the movie was finished.

“Take my daughter to see” Di Renjie “and take off her clothes inexplicably. As a result, my daughter didn’t watch movies with me for a long time.” Ms. Chen said that her daughter was 13 years old and a little sensible. She said that she couldn’t explain how she always took off her clothes in the film, so she had to choose the film carefully.

According to the insiders, there has been no film grading system in China. In fact, the censorship of films is to reduce the lens so that audiences of all ages can watch them. Many parents said they had to know the plot in advance, do enough homework and take their children to see it.

Grading is necessary but there are concerns

“There is a junior high school girl who goes to see horror movies with her classmates. She dare not go to bed when she comes home. Her parents are so anxious to ask us for help. After the guidance of the psychological teacher, the students are not afraid of it.” Zhu Xia, director of the student guidance center of Beijing Yucai School, believes that film grading is necessary, and the specific implementation and supervision are more important.

Whether movies should be rated is not a new topic. According to the memory of a retired teacher who has been engaged in moral education for many years, as early as the 1980s and 1990s, there was a heated discussion in the field of education. At that time, some films were labeled “not suitable for children”. Because of curiosity, some students wanted to watch them more and more, which backfired. So, some teachers have concerns about movie ratings.

Zhu Xia also talked about this concern. Just like smoking, the more forbidden it is, the more people will want to try because of curiosity, so correct guidance is very important. She believes that some contents are not suitable for junior high school students, and may be suitable for senior high school students. Therefore, the film level can be divided in detail. Don’t call it “inappropriate for children” in general. It can be divided according to the different age groups of preschool, primary school, junior high school and senior high school. If parents instill in their children that movies are graded according to age, and they want to see movies suitable for their own age, the children will feel that they deserve it. It’s like buying a ticket by car. If you’re tall enough, you can buy a ticket.

Therefore, if you don’t know the content of the movie or are not ready, please don’t take your children to the cinema to watch adult movies easily! If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.