Babies don’t like eating, which has always been a headache for parents. In order to let children eat more meals, parents struggle with their children’s wisdom and courage, coax them to feed, chase after them, and do both, but the effect is not significant. However, in front of the electronic products, all the children were defeated. The sentence “if you don’t eat, I won’t let you watch TV” is almost a hundred tests of lark, which is really not good! Next let’s look at the harm of watching TV!

It is harmful to the eyes of babies before 3 years old to watch TV and play mobile phone for a long time

For the problem of watching TV for a long time for young babies, I asked doctors of many hospitals, and the answer was that the babies before the age of 3 who watched TV for a long time and played with mobile phones would do great harm to their eyes.

Ophthalmologists pointed out that before the age of three, the baby’s vision regulation function is not fully developed, and the ciliary muscle is very delicate. If you watch TV and mobile phone for a long time, it will reduce the opportunity for children to practice eye movement, and it will be stimulated by light, which will cause the decline of ciliary muscle regulation function, lead to vision decline, and more easily lead to strabismus, astigmatism, dry eye and other problems.

Dr. Zhang lisen suggested that children of two or three years old should not spend more than 30 minutes watching TV, and it is better to choose programs with slow screen conversion to reduce their eyestrain.

Watching TV while eating can cause indigestion

In life, some babies don’t like eating, so when eating, parents will let their children watch TV, so that they can eat quietly. To this end, man Chaoyan, director of the child care department of Jilin zhenai maternity hospital, pointed out that it is not correct for a baby to watch TV when eating. When watching TV, the baby’s attention is not focused on eating, which will lead to dyspepsia, anorexia and obesity.

The doctor’s advice is: we can discuss with family members in advance to reach a consensus on children’s TV watching. At the same time, adults also try to avoid letting children watch TV through the mirror or squint. When eating, all members of the family should not watch TV. At ordinary times, parents should interact with their babies more, play some parent-child games, and appropriately increase the time of outdoor activities. We should know that babies and children think through various feelings and hand movements, so it is more important to let babies touch, listen and feel than the information obtained on the TV screen Zhao Qian, reporter of new culture

In this way, using TV as a “magic device to coax children” is easy to cause indigestion of children. Parents still don’t throw their children to TV at ordinary times, otherwise they can’t pull them back, which affects the health of the baby. Take TV as a “magic weapon to coax children”, easy to cause indigestion!