Watching TV is different from reading, the latter can promote development and improve children’s analytical thinking ability. And watching TV is a kind of passive acceptance behavior, so it will hinder children’s understanding of the real world and limit their imagination. If you don’t believe it, please read below!

Killer of imagination

Cannot draw

Happy sheep in my heart

In psychology, there is a pre emptive phenomenon. Once the mind image is formed, it is difficult to jump out of the original frame. However, TV pre emptively conveys an image set by the director to millions of viewers through TV, solidifying the image in our mind.

Because of the difference in teaching concept between Meiya and the former boss, Meiya invested and set up a children’s art training school. In the previous art class, Meiya was very unhappy. There is a lesson that teaches children to draw umbrellas. The teaching process prescribed by the boss is: the teacher shows the children pictures, umbrella with various patterns and shapes, and then draws an ordinary umbrella on the blackboard, and says to the children, you can draw your own imaginary umbrella on the white paper.

The imaginary umbrella? Is it possible? The picture handed in by the child is more or less like the teacher’s demonstration picture. Meiya knows where the problem lies. She also met this kind of parents. The mother with a worried face took the picture of her child and found her: “teacher, you can’t understand what my child painted.” “You can’t understand Picasso’s paintings. Can you understand what they are?”

The children’s art class in the heart of Meiya is a space that can fully develop children’s imagination and creativity. However, most of the students who came to the American Asian class did not adapt, and the images they drew were the same.

In the junior class, Meiya first listened to the sound of sheep for the students, and even invited several students to imitate the sheep, and then asked the students to draw the sheep in their hearts. When the children carefully depicted, a classmate who had just arrived in the class gave the painting to Meiya excitedly. Several children rushed around and shouted, “what a beautiful pleasant goat, and beautiful goat, it’s really similar!” looking at the children’s drawing paper, Meiya could not smile. No one can tell what the sheep should be like, but the TV can understand it, and let the children who have seen it firmly remember that the sheep should be like this.

Killer of imagination

Out of sight

The beauty of the world

It’s hard for children who are addicted to watching TV to focus on other things. Children are unwilling to leave the TV and are not interested in other activities Such a child is a copy of the television receiver, can only receive the signal from the transmission tower, completely lost the ability of imagination.

In the parent group, the signature of “TV potato Mom” is “help my TV addicted child!” her son Kang Kang, who is only five years old, has grown to 25 kg in less than 1 meter because of her long-term TV addiction, just like a potato figure.

Kangkang’s father does business in other places. Kangkang’s mother is an ordinary wage earner. Kangkang has been given to the nanny since she was a child. Nanny has her own knack. When she finds that Kangkang, who is still a baby, can be quiet as soon as she sees the TV picture, she puts Kangkang on the cart, turns on the TV and watches it with him. At that time, Kangkang always danced with the dancing of TV pictures. Nanny often praised Kangkang’s obedience in front of Kangkang’s mother.

As Kangkang grew up, problems emerged. Kangkang can walk, but he doesn’t like running around like other children; Kangkang can talk, but he only likes talking to himself when watching TV; Kangkang went to kindergarten, but he doesn’t like playing with other children, just like sitting in front of the TV – Mom realized the seriousness of the problem.

That day, my mother asked for leave from kindergarten and took Kangkang to the child care room and psychological consulting room of children’s hospital. After the intelligence test and various tests, the five-year-old Kangkang has only three-year-old intelligence level, while the diagnosis of Kangkang in the psychological consulting room is concise and comprehensive: Children’s TV autism.

Killer of imagination

When we turn off the TV, we can do

American child behaviorists believe that children’s watching TV for more than 10 hours a week will affect their attention, language communication ability and creativity. Some educators also pointed out that children often watch TV, will affect the quality of class. To this end, the American educational community proposed to carry out the “no TV Week” activity, asking everyone to reflect on whether there are other meaningful activities in life besides watching TV. How long can you stay away from the TV for a week? One day? Three days? It may be a little difficult for you to give up the TV nanny completely in order to stabilize the children. But if it is arranged well, turn off the TV, and the family can do many happy and substantial things together.

Tell a story, listen to a story

On the weekend night, the family sat around the table, eating and watching TV. All of a sudden, there was a blackout! Without TV programs, the family was bored. So dad found a collection of stories covered with thick dust and took turns telling stories to the children with his mother. In the candlelight, they listen to stories, exchange ideas, and talk about their troubles and interesting things in work and study. All of a sudden, they felt that they had not enjoyed the happy time of chatting and telling stories together for a long time.

To bake, bake, cake

Mother’s good cooking, don’t hide, have to light up, let small worship. Come on, help mom, bake cakes and cookies together. Mom asked Xiaoxiao to take out the lovely kitchen model. “Xiaoxiao, please hand over half a cup of water.” Xiaoxiao, there are strawberries in the fridge. One can be added to the cake if you want to take it out In this way, little while listening to her mother’s orders, while doing the assistant’s work with quick movements, I was very busy. Come on, tonight the whole family can enjoy the “intimate strawberry cake”!

Plants, we are together

Every day, there are many people going to the flower market. Mom and Dad, Grandpa and grandma are plant lovers. Let’s go. Everyone, grandpa likes orchids. Mom thinks jasmine is very beautiful. Dad likes studying seeds. Grandma is the widest

Rong, she likes everything everyone likes. Baby? He’s full of interest in dad’s seed. He can’t understand why such a small thing can grow a big potted plant. Well, do the experiment with dad. After the seeds are planted, observe together. Dad needs to prepare a related book, observe with a magnifying glass and explain to the baby at the same time. Knowledge is accumulated little by little!

Next two sets, beat Dad

My father and mother are really busy at work, and the chessboard at home is gray! “Zhuo, don’t watch TV, come and have two sets with my father and mother. Whoever loses will be painted with beard.” Zhuo squatted in front of the TV cabinet excitedly and moved out four big boards, namely, flying chess, checkers, military chess and five finger chess. “What kind of chess do you want to play? I’m not going to accompany you.” My mother chose her best checkers, put them on, cut stones and cloth, and then the war began. Happy time always goes very fast. Two hours later, my father was painted with a mustache, my mother was painted with a goatee, Zhuo himself was painted with a beard. At last, my mother took a picture of the whole family with a mobile phone.

When you turn off the TV, you can also: teach your children some of your skills, such as knitting, origami, playing with some kind of equipment. Take an interest class together. Think about it. Is there something you and your children want to learn? Go out and play, even if it’s freezing outside, even if it’s drizzling outside, children will always enjoy it. Look at family photos together, design photos with children, let children pour more feelings into family.

After reading this article, how many parents are lamenting that TV is “stealing” their children’s imagination! So from now on, please keep the children away! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.