In our daily life, electric shock is a great threat. According to statistics, the total number of accidents caused by electric shock every year accounts for about 10% of the total number of deaths. But in life, children’s electric shock is often caused by the negligence of adults. Like Xiaobian’s next story, the 5-year-old boy in the fountain is suspected of being electrocuted. It’s due to his parents’ neglect of supervision. Parents should take a look at it as soon as possible.

A 5-year-old boy died in the fountain, suspected of electric shock

The tragedy happened on June 11 this year, when the boy died, he was only five years old and three months old.

Ms. Zhang, the boy’s mother, said that at about 6 p.m. that day, she took her son to play in the community landscape fountain pool. When she suddenly found the child in the pool, she went to rescue her instinctively, but she soon lost consciousness.

When the first aid workers arrived, the boy was declared incurable by the first aid workers.

Ms. Zhang said that the water in the fountain was very shallow and in the state of stopping spraying. The diagnosis certificate issued by Henan coal hospital on June 11 showed that the boy involved was diagnosed as “drowning?” or “electric injury?”. In Ms. Zhang’s diagnosis certificate, there is also an expression of electric injury.

After hospitalization, Ms. Zhang finally regained consciousness and left the hospital several days after the incident. However, due to concussion, the hospital asked to continue observation for several months.

II. Claim 800000 yuan for developer and property breach

On July 6, the boy’s parents filed a civil lawsuit, asking the community developer – Henan hilltop Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and the property company – Henan hilltop Property Management Co., Ltd. to compensate 800000 yuan for all losses.

Zhang Wei, a lawyer representing the plaintiff and Henan Guoji law firm, said that the Jinshui District Court had sent a document to accept the case on the same day.

The evidence submitted by the plaintiff shows that in April 2012, they signed a commercial housing sales contract with the developer. On September 2, they signed the “preliminary property management service agreement” with the property company, moved in in in December of the same year, and paid the property management fees.

Ms. Zhang and her wife believed that the defendant should ensure that all the facilities developed and constructed by the defendant, including the landscape fountain in the community, conform to the national standards, and install corresponding electric shock protection devices to ensure the personal safety of the owners of the community.

Henan hilltop Property Management Co., Ltd. should do a good job in the daily maintenance of the community landscape facilities, and ensure that the power consumption equipment is in a state of power failure when it is not working.

“The two defendants violated the contract by neglecting the management of the fountain electricity in the community, resulting in the leakage of facilities, which is the main cause of the accident.” Zhang said.

III. “the fountain can’t go, and the parents neglect the supervision”

At 5:00 p.m. on July 10, the circular fountain also stopped spraying, but there was still shallow water inside, which had been put on the warning zone. No one stopped inside, but there were children chasing on the steps beside the water channel in front of the fountain.

For this matter, a woman on duty in the comprehensive office of Henan hilltop Property Management Co., Ltd. said in an interview in the afternoon that the parents’ responsibility is very great. It is the parents’ neglect of supervision that led to the tragedy. They have no responsibility, “because normal people know that it is unsafe to go to the fountain pool.”.

The woman said that now they have cut off power to the fountain pool and are waiting for repair.

Like the company, a staff member of Henan hilltop Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. said in an interview in the afternoon that they did not know about the prosecution for the time being and would report to the leaders as soon as possible to deal with it.

IV. fountain electric shock accidents should be standardized

It is understood that the boy who died is the only child of the plaintiff and his wife, and the pain of his death can be imagined.

According to the Internet search, there are many accidents of electric shock and drowning in the fountain pools of residential areas, city squares, parks and green spaces, which have caused many casualties in Shanghai, Wuhan, Taizhou, Beijing and other places, including children and adults.

However, compared with such frequent accidents, the public is generally indifferent to the safety awareness of electric fountain in public places, and the supervision is also relatively vague.

Zhang Wei said that as a typical case in Zhengzhou, he also hopes to take advantage of the lawsuit to promote the refined management of developers and property service companies to a certain extent, and attract the attention of the government to regulate.

Therefore, when children go out with their parents in the future, parents must take good care of their children, do not let them play in the fountain casually, so as to avoid such tragedies happening again. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!