Laser is widely used in medicine, industry, agriculture and other fields. Improper use of laser can cause injury of fundus tissue. Now the laser has become a toy in the middle of children, causing great damage to children’s eyes. According to a recent news report, the 8-year-old boy almost lost his sight when the laser flashlight hit his right eye. It’s terrible. Let’s have a look!

I. the 8-year-old boy is nearly blind when the laser flashlight hits his right eye

Shen ZHAOMENG, deputy chief ophthalmologist of the hospital, said that Wen Wen’s right eye vision at that time was less than 0.1. This means that when Wen Wen’s vision test, he can’t see the biggest “e” on the vision chart, and can only vaguely see that the doctor has stretched out a few fingers.

In this case, the treatment is difficult. The parents contacted many famous hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou through friends and finally determined the treatment plan. At present, they are in Shanghai for treatment and their vision has recovered.

How did Wen Wen get hurt? Wen Wen’s father said that about ten days ago, when he went to play in his uncle’s factory office, he saw a laser flashlight on his desk. He was curious, so he took it up and thought about it. He didn’t know where he had pressed it. A strong light hit his right eye, and it turned out to be tragic

II. Laser toys will cause permanent vision damage

In recent years, similar to Wen Wen, it is not uncommon for children to be burned by laser toys. “Most of these children have caused permanent vision damage.”

Macula is the most abundant area for human eyes to collect information, and it is also the most sensitive and vulnerable area. Director Li said that when the eyes are looking at things, the macular area is the first to “capture” and focus is also done by the macular area.

“The macular area, located in the center of the retina, is the visual center of human beings. It undertakes more than 90% of the visual function. Once this area is burned by the laser, it will feel as if it is covered by a big round black dot. It is like watching a ‘total solar eclipse’, and the middle black is bright next to it.” Li said.

The director said that in general, the laser power that the human body can bear is about 0.4mw, while the laser power of the “toy” played by Wen Wen is up to 5W. This kind of high-power laser beam can cause damage to the retina and even permanent vision decline when it is directed directly at the eyes.

Baibai safety net suggests that it is not suitable for children to buy Laser flashlights as toys. Parents and teachers should also publicize the knowledge of laser radiation hazards to children to avoid vision injury. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.