The hot weather from June to August every year is the most frequent period of prickly heat in summer. If we mistake eczema for prickly heat without leaving our mind, the nursing method of prickly heat may make the baby’s condition more serious. In addition, there are many skin diseases, so what to do when the baby encounters them?

Ma Wanli, director of Dermatology Department of Guangzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that the climate in summer is characterized by high temperature and humidity, a large number of fungi and mites, which will damage the delicate skin of the baby. If you don’t pay attention to sun protection, the sun will burn your baby’s delicate skin. However, due to a large amount of perspiration, skin diseases caused by untimely cleaning are the most common. Why does the baby’s skin suffer? We might as well distinguish symptoms first and then find solutions.

Skin diseases related to sweat

Prickly heat, wrinkled

Baby sweating, sweat immersion does not dry in time, or sweating on the president of prickly heat. Parents can see the baby’s neck, chest and back appear needle size blisters, crystal clear. Because it is very itchy, the baby’s hands will constantly scratch the blister.

Nowadays, most of the babies are fat. In the places with wrinkles such as neck, armpit, groin and buttock groove, there will be edema erythema. Erosions and liquid exudation will gradually appear on the erythema. This kind of skin disease is called inter rubella, which is commonly known as fold. The babies will also feel itchy, painful and uncomfortable, and scratch and cry.

High temperature and humidity environment, coupled with a large number of sweating also create a good environment for the growth and reproduction of fungi, so in summer, Candida infection is easy to occur. Ma Wanli said that Candida infection is similar to the long rash, which can only be distinguished by going to the hospital for some examination. This kind of skin disease is also manifested as edema erythema in neck, armpit, groin and buttock sulcus, which gradually appears to be soaked and eroded. In addition, the edge of the rash may have papules and white dandruff.


Marwanli said that the above three skin diseases are closely related to sweat. Reducing the immersion of sweat on the skin can reduce the incidence of such skin diseases. It is suggested that parents should wear loose and breathable clothes that can absorb sweat. After the baby perspires, wipe it dry immediately and put talcum powder on the wrinkled part. But, the female baby’s groin place as far as possible do not put on talcum powder, lest damage private place. Dermatologists remind that when bathing children, you can add a few drops of “ten drops” or use honeysuckle pot water to add to the bath water, which can play the role of clearing away heat, detoxifying and refreshing skin, and preventing birth heat.

Dermatosis related to mites

Mite dermatitis

Warm and humid climate is conducive to the growth and reproduction of mites. After mites bite the skin, the baby will get mite dermatitis. At this time, red blisters appear on the trunk, neck, upper and lower limbs of the baby. It looks like a bag left after mosquito bites. However, it is bright red and persistent. There are blisters on it. This is mite dermatitis.


Our habitation should be ventilated and cool to avoid overheating; clothes should be washed and changed frequently to avoid bacteria and fungi; bedding sheets and close fitting clothes

Exposure to the sun to eliminate mites. Qu Yongbin, a dermatologist at the Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, suggests that if the baby has mite dermatitis, the parents can help him to use calamine lotion topically. If the effect is not good or local infection occurs due to scratching, he should go to the dermatology department in time.

Skin diseases related to sunlight


The baby basks in the sun is advantageous, the sunlight can promote the vitamin D transformation in the body, helps the calcium absorption. However, if you bring your baby back from the sun, you will find edema erythema in the sun exposed area, which is sunburn.


If the baby needs to bask in the sun, he can choose to bask in the sun for no more than 15 minutes before 10:00 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m., or he can bask in the sun for a while and take a rest in the shade.

From noon to 4:00 p.m., do not sun for a long time, because the ultraviolet in the sun is the strongest, which will cause damage to the skin. If the baby’s skin turns red, perspires excessively, and the pulse accelerates, he should go home immediately and give a cool drink or light salt water, or use warm water to wipe the baby’s body. In addition, it’s better to wear red clothes when basking in the sun, because the long wave radiation of red clothes can quickly “eat” the short wave ultraviolet rays with strong killing power. It’s better not to wear black clothes.

These baby’s skin diseases in summer should be treated differently when caring for the baby. The right medicine, understand the relevant nursing essentials, can ease the baby’s itching, pain feeling, let the baby comfortable through this summer. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.