Bathing the baby is a huge challenge for the new parents. They don’t know how to start in the face of this soft little guy. But don’t worry, the baby is not as fragile as you think, so for Baoma, the baby bath has sorrow and joy, but the mother is at a loss. Let’s take a look at the worries and pleasures of baby bathing.

Worry: baby doesn’t like bathing

Be ready to do well

Prepare bathtub, clean towel, bath sponge, shampoo, baby’s bath toys, clean diaper underwear and pajamas for baby. Keep these things within your reach for your convenience.

Timing depends on baby

Baby bathing is not controlled by outdoor temperature. It is better to choose a time when he is willing to take a bath, such as half an hour after dinner.

Do not bathe your baby in these situations:

When the baby is hungry or tired;

After more intense sports;

Take a bath immediately after meal, prone to vomiting, and affect digestive function;

The baby looks mentally ill, doesn’t play and doesn’t move. It’s likely that he’s not feeling well.

Don’t let shampoo affect the mood of bathing

Wash the baby’s hair before taking a bath. Don’t take off diapers and clothes for your baby before you wash your hair, or wrap a large towel around your baby to avoid catching cold.

When you wash your baby’s hair, you can specially use the bubbles of shampoo to design some interesting special shapes on the baby, so that he can look in the mirror and enjoy his lovely shapes. As long as the baby is in a good mood, everything is easy to do.

Le: let baby fall in love with bath

Novice parents, don’t be nervous. If the parents are also afraid of panic, they will spread the uneasy mood to the baby. The secret to a happy bath.


Let the baby play in the water, scoop some warm water to drop gently on the baby’s stomach. When you pour water on the baby, the mother needs to smile at the baby all the time and talk with the baby. If the baby seems to be very nervous, pour water slowly.

Play with toys

Let the baby play with toys while washing, or give him a small towel to play with, which will make him feel very interesting to bathe. You can put the baby’s plastic duckling, plastic cup, plastic spoon and boat in the bathtub for the baby to play with, and he is very willing to reach out in the water or grab these things to play with. When the baby plays with toys, he will also be willing to cooperate with the parents to bathe him.

Play with bubbles

A large number of soap bubbles in the bathtub can make the baby particularly excited. When the baby finds that bathing can have so much fun, he will start to love it. However, the mother must pay attention not to let the bubbles flow into the baby’s eyes, otherwise it will have a negative effect.

After taking a bath and putting on clothes, it’s best to drink some water for the baby, because the bath temperature is hot and it’s easy to lack of water. Pay attention to keeping warm, replenish water to the baby in time, and let the baby enjoy the happy time of every bath. If you are interested in children’s common sense of health habits, please go to our Baibai safety net to search!