In the mother’s eyes, there is nothing more gratifying to her mother than to see the baby lying on the soft towel. But there are often young mothers who have trouble bathing their babies. In fact, as long as the seemingly complex bath process is broken down into clear parts, the baby’s bath problem will be solved. Then you know the detailed steps of baby bathing. Baoma need to learn more!

I. prepare for the environment

First of all, before bathing the baby, we should do a good job of environmental preparation, close the doors and windows to avoid the convection of air to bring cold to the baby, or cause a cold. The baby’s room temperature is best kept at 24-26 ℃, while the bath temperature is best kept at 38-40 ℃. If you don’t need a thermometer, you can also use the back of your hand to test the water temperature. It’s ok if you don’t feel cold or hot.

2. Time preparation

Take a bath for the newborn baby to master the time. Generally, the best time for the baby to take a bath is 2 hours after the baby finishes eating the milk, so as not to cause vomiting. It’s better to choose to go to bed at night.

III. prepare bath supplies

Before bathing your baby, you should get all the things ready. Don’t wait to find them when you bathe your baby. Need to prepare towels, cotton sticks, diapers, clothes, baby shower gel or soap, and baby powder.

The specific steps of bathing the new baby

1. Clean the baby’s bath first.

2. Put a proper amount of hot and cold water to adjust the water temperature to reach the appropriate temperature for the baby.

3. Take off the clothes for the baby after the above preparation. Pay attention to the strength of the hand. The mother holds the baby’s head with one hand, while the hand holds the armpit; the other hand holds the feet, and then gently put the baby into the basin. Hold the baby’s head and carefully choke the water. (pay attention to let the buttocks into the water first)

4. Wash the baby’s hair first, and then the body. Apply the shampoo evenly to the baby’s head, gently rub it, then wash it with gauze; wash the whole body with body wash. (note that the bath time should not be too long, not more than 2-3 minutes)

5. After bathing, one hand can be used to hold the baby’s armpit tightly, and the other hand can hold the baby’s lower body tightly. You should carefully hold the baby with both hands and leave the tub, because there is water, you should pay attention to hand sliding.

6. Put the baby on the bath towel and wrap it with dry water. When the baby’s body is dry, you can apply talcum powder to the baby’s whole body. Pay special attention to the places where there are folds under the baby’s neck, two armpits, inner thighs on both sides, etc.

7. Finally, you can dress the baby and put on clean diapers, so that the baby will feel comfortable and warm.

Of course, get to baby’s bath professional skills are not enough, and mothers should cherish the parent-child interaction in the bath process. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!