Who can’t take a bath?! It’s not hard to take off your clothes and wash them. Most Baoma think so too, but when they go to the “professional” to wash, they find that they really can’t wash. They have noticed a lot of details, so they say that the baby can’t wash carelessly and don’t wash before going to bed.

The best bath time is about an hour and a half before going to bed

After taking a bath, tell a story and listen to music to let the child relax completely. When he goes to sleep, the child’s temperature just drops to the optimal temperature for sleep. If the child has to take a bath before going to bed for some reason, then we can properly lower the water temperature, shorten the bath time, and apply cold towels to the forehead after washing. This is conducive to reducing head temperature and improving sleep quality.

Don’t wash before you go to bed

Many people like to let their children go to sleep as soon as they have a bath. In fact, sleep needs to take place after the body temperature drops, while bathing will raise the body temperature and delay the release of sleep hormones by the brain. If you go to bed after taking a bath, it may be difficult for your child to fall asleep, and wet hair will increase your child’s chances of getting sick.

In order to be healthy and healthy, it is necessary to bathe children frequently, but it is necessary to pay attention to one degree. Generally speaking, infants and young children can wash twice a week.

Many mothers like to clean their children. Some wash every day, and some wash every morning, in the middle of the morning and in the evening. However, this damages the skin protection layer, which is not good for children! In order to prevent skin infection, it’s best to use baby moisturiser after washing on the dry cheeks, forehead, buttocks and other parts.

&It never occurred to me that there were so many things about bathing babies. At the same time, bathing the baby is also a parent-child time to enhance the relationship between mom and dad and the baby. Come on, mom and dad. What are your tips for bathing your baby. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search