Bathing your baby once or twice a day is a common thing in every family nowadays, so it can be said that babies of any age can’t do without bathing. However, babies don’t bathe well every day, so pay attention to some things.

I. take a bath for ten minutes

Some babies love to take a bath, so they don’t want to come out after washing. Taking a bath for a long time is easy to dehydrate the skin, making the baby feel tired and not breathing well. After taking a bath for a long time, you should drink some water for the baby as soon as possible.

It’s better to keep the bath time within ten minutes.

II. Bath solution cannot be used every day

Minimize the use of baby shampoo or bath fluid. The reason is the same as above. It will wash off the grease secreted by the baby’s hair and body. Only once a week at most.

I really don’t need to wash every day

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you don’t have to take a bath every day until your baby crawls.

Especially in the dry and cold winter, bathing too often will damage the skin surface oil, make the skin lose the natural protective layer, and make the cuticle of the skin damaged. Frequent bath baby will feel skin itch, skin resistance will also be weakened, so it is easy to get sick.

Generally in winter, when the room temperature is comfortable, take a bath once or twice a week. Usually pay more attention to using wet towel to clean the part wrapped in diapers and wrinkles on the skin (armpit, neck, thigh, etc.).

Babies with eczema can wash once a day, but the room temperature should be above 25 ℃.

IV. The higher the water temperature is, the better

Many Baoma, worried that the baby would catch cold, set the water temperature higher. This is totally wrong.

The baby’s skin is delicate. If the water temperature is a little high, it may burn the baby’s delicate skin red. In addition, too high water temperature is easy to destroy the oil on the skin surface, leading to capillary expansion and increasing the degree of dryness. For babies with eczema and other skin problems, the water temperature should not be too high.

It is suggested that the water temperature should not exceed 37-40 ℃, and the newborn should be lower. Before bathing your baby, you can use a thermometer to measure the temperature, or you can use your elbow to measure the temperature to ensure the most comfortable water temperature.

V. attention shall be paid to electric power for bathing and heating

Yuba’s light is very dazzling, and the newborn baby can only lie down, and will stare at the light source because of curiosity, so it is easy to damage the retina.

If the room temperature is too cold, you can turn on the bath master or heater in advance, or put the hot water in advance, a little hot, wait for the water vapor to evaporate naturally, the water temperature drops to a suitable temperature, and then bathe the baby after the bathroom is warm. If you have to take a bath with the bath bully on, try not to let the strong light direct to the baby. You can use an umbrella or other objects to cover the baby’s vision and reduce the contact between the baby’s vision and the light bulb.

The heater shall be made of high-quality products as far as possible and placed at a high place to avoid leakage during use.

So we still need to take more time to take a bath for our baby and don’t try to save time, which may cause more trouble, so we must take care of the baby with our heart. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.