When you are a mother, you will find that there are still people who don’t like bathing. Yes, your baby. The strength of baby’s resistance to bath is beyond our own imagination, the scream of tearing throat, and the whole body’s strength to get rid of it. It’s no problem to catch you and scratch you in a hurry. So when the baby is 100 days old, as a treasure mother, have you learned to bathe her?

How to bathe the baby 100 days ago

Before bathing your baby, you must do all the preparations before bathing: the first thing to consider is that the bath temperature must be appropriate, and the bathtub should be clean. Use the baby bathtub, shampoo and baby soap, as well as the bath towel, towel (a dry towel, a wet towel for bathing), small cloth cap and water thermometer (experienced mothers can adjust the appropriate water temperature with their hands).

Don’t take too long to bathe your baby during the day. Even if your baby is happy when bathing, you’d better not exceed 15 minutes. And it’s not necessary to use shampoo and baby soap every day, usually once a week.

The water temperature in the baby’s bathtub is about 33 ~ 35 ℃. You can try it with your hand. If you use your hand to test the temperature, you’d better use the back of your hand or the front of your wrist (the part where you do the skin test needle), because these two parts are relatively sensitive, feel warm at the same time, and don’t burn it.

The bathtub’s depth of water, under normal circumstances, the baby sits to the pubic level (just under the * * device), and lies (must not put the head down, the head should be resting on the mother’s upper arm) with the navel just exposed.

When washing your baby’s hair, be sure not to get water into your ears, and also not to get shampoo or baby soap into your baby’s eyes.

For baby girls, it’s better to flush the urination with flowing water after washing.

After bathing, you can wrap the baby with a bath towel, and at the same time, you need to put on a small cloth hat for the baby, then take out the bathroom, play with the baby for a while, and dress and milk the baby after the skin is dry.

The mother can wash with the baby to make the baby feel safe. The bath water is a little cooler than the normal one. Both the mother and the baby take off their clothes and enjoy the warm contact between the skin and the skin. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!