We all know that children have a strong desire for knowledge. They always like to touch each other. If they accidentally touch the power supply and socket, it is very dangerous. How can we prevent children from getting electric shock?

I. how to deal with electric shock accidents

The first and most important thing is to separate the human body from the electrified body. The specific steps are as follows: first, turn off the main power supply, if the household appliance is shocked, unplug the plug, use tools with insulating layer to cut off the wires, and pay attention to separate the electrified body with insulating objects such as sticks.

II. How to deal with baby’s electric shock

Babies are naturally active and are easy to be interested in the electrical appliances around them. At this time, there is a potential risk of electric shock. If a baby accidentally gets an electric shock, what should parents do?

First, cut off the power supply, and then use insulated wood, bamboo, stick, rope and other objects to keep the baby away from the electrified body, and be sure to prevent electric shock. After the baby leaves the electrified body, let him lie on the ground, check the body carefully, do not move the baby or let him continue walking to prevent shock or heart failure.

If the baby’s breathing stops, but the heart is still beating, artificial respiration should be done on the spot, and the acupoints such as Zhongren, Shixuan, Yongquan can also be pinched to make the baby awake. If your baby’s heart stops, but breathing is still there, you should immediately do chest compressions. If both breathing and heartbeat stop, artificial respiration and chest compression should be done immediately. The ratio of artificial respiration and chest compression should be 1:5. The first aid process may not work immediately. Parents should not give up easily and stick to it to the end. In the first aid, try to avoid moving the baby. If you have to move the position, you can let the baby lie on the stretcher.

III. how to prevent electric shock

Electric shock is a hidden danger in our life, especially for young and ignorant babies, the harm of electric shock is greater. Parents should teach their babies to stay away from the power supply, not to touch the plug with their hands, not to use chargers and other things related to electricity as toys. On the one hand, paying attention to education, on the other hand, parents should try to eliminate the hidden dangers of safety at home.

1. Choose products with multiple switches and safety devices when purchasing power sockets and terminal blocks. Now there are products specially designed to prevent children from electric shock on the market.

2. Put the conductive objects out of the baby’s reach, and pay attention not to put towels, clothes, etc. on the wires.

3. There should not be too many electrical appliances in the baby’s room, especially at the baby’s bedside. It is necessary to avoid the use of landing electrical appliances to prevent the baby from getting electric shock after falling down.

4. Check and update the wires and electrical appliances at home regularly to prevent leakage.

5. No matter what kind of power socket or charger you should try to keep it out of the baby’s reach.

6. Don’t let the baby be present when repairing electrical appliances and circuits at home to prevent him from moving or imitating.

The baby is easy to get electric shock due to its flexible nature. Parents only need to be more prepared. In their daily life, parents should let their children learn more about home electric shock prevention so as to ensure the safety of the baby at home.