It is often seen that some children are locked in the room, some are caused by the fault of adults, some are unintentional actions of children. There are also many ways to deal with this kind of accident and danger. Some use the lock company to unlock the lock, some alarm to break the window, and some cause tragedy because of improper handling. Even if the rescue is timely, it will cause children’s panic more or less, resulting in their loss of security, and even psychological shadow. So what happens when the baby locks himself in the house?

So the baby locked himself in the house!

I’m hiding cats with you

Xiaojun and grandma go home after playing in the community for a while, just like every day. Grandma opens the anti-theft door, turns around and takes Xiaojun’s little tricycle. Xiaojun runs into the door and quickly closes the anti-theft door, saying, “grandma comes to me!” grandma quickly opens the door with a key, but it can’t be turned, because Xiaojun learns how grandma closes the door every time, and puts the anti-theft door The inner lock of the is also stuck. (Xiaojun’s mother)

I’ll go home first

This afternoon, I took Dong Dong out to play. Just at the door, Dong Dong said that his golden cudgel was left in the elevator. I said I’ll get it and let him go home first. But when I came back with the golden cudgel, I remembered to take the bag home for Dongdong, and my key was in it. It’s too bad. Dongdong is locked in the house by a man! (grandma Dongdong)

I don’t mean it

I was busy in my study. Huizi was playing alone in the bedroom. After a while, I heard her say, “Dad, I want to pee!” after peeing, the little guy went back to the bedroom. I heard her move the doorknob, because she didn’t have the strength to turn the doorknob open, so I didn’t care. After a while, I heard Huizi cry. I ran over, but the door couldn’t be opened. Huizi accidentally pressed the anti lock button and locked himself in the bedroom! (Huizi dad)

It’s all caused by the wind

I coax Xiaobao to sleep in the room. I hear the phone in the living room ring. I run out to answer it. I didn’t expect that it would be such a coincidence to answer the phone for a few minutes. Because of the strong wind, I knocked the bedroom door and couldn’t open it from the outside! Xiaobao is still alone in the room, so I don’t know what to do! (Xiaobao’s mother)

What should I do when a child is locked in the house?

If the baby is very small

Turn to the professional unlocking mechanism immediately and open the lock as soon as possible.

If the baby can understand the adults

Talk to him outside. Try to distract him. Don’t let him know your nervousness and anxiety. At the same time, call professional organizations and ask them to help unlock the lock.

Can try to let the baby unlock the anti lock switch, tell him how to operate, let him try to cooperate.

Don’t let that happen again

Prepare a set of keys for each room in the room, paste tape on each key, write which room’s key is, put it in a string, and put it somewhere in the living room in case of emergency.

Don’t leave the baby in the house and go out alone, even for a few minutes.

Repeatedly demonstrate to the baby, which places can not be touched, such as the place of anti lock!

Teach the baby a simple way to open the door. Don’t worry. Don’t climb the window. Wait for the adult to open the door.

So don’t panic. It’s really possible for the baby to have an accident in the house. Therefore, once the baby locked himself in the house, the mother also needs to be smart to defuse the crisis! If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.