It’s very important to protect your baby’s eyesight. You can do something about it. It’s harming your baby’s eyesight invisibly. Do moms know that? There are many reports that babies lose their sight when they take a bath carelessly. What’s the matter?

Parents should pay attention to the accidental blindness of baby in bath

A three-month-old baby in Xi’an, his mother turns on the bath bully every time he takes a bath. He always stares at the lamp of the bath bully, and is diagnosed with maculopathy blindness two months later. Although the cases of blindness caused by the bath bully are rare, it is possible. This is because Yuba’s light source intensity is relatively large. The cornea and conjunctiva surface of children under 5 years old are tender. Yuba’s blue light can pass through the cornea and contact the retina with the lens, while the infant’s lens has not yet filtered the blue light. In addition, children’s curiosity is heavier, and they often like to stare at Yuba, which makes it easier to burn their eyes.

1. If you want to bathe your child, you should choose the wind heating mode. If you can only heat with a lamp, you can add a light blocking cloth on it and adjust the position when bathing to avoid the child’s eyes facing the light source, so as to reduce the harm. If the weather is not particularly cold, you can turn on the bath bully to warm up before bathing. When the heat is almost accumulated, turn off the bath bully and bathe the baby.

2. In order to prevent children from taking a bath in cold weather, a special bath cover, heater, etc. can be selected when taking a bath. When washing, the action should be fast and controlled within 10 minutes as far as possible. After washing and wiping, the child should be held in a warm room in time.

3. In cold weather, it can reduce the frequency of bathing for children, especially in winter. Normally, it’s enough to wash twice a week. Too frequent bathing can also easily cause skin problems such as dry skin and itching.

4. Bathing and shampoo can be carried out separately, so as to reduce the exposure time of the baby in the air. First wear clothes to wash the baby’s head, dry the head, and then bathe him.

5. Before bathing, you should first prepare the bath towel, bath gel and other things that need to be used at one time. Don’t wait for the baby to take off his clothes and go back to get things, or wash until half to leave. This is not only easy to cause the baby’s cold, some careless mothers go out to leave the baby alone in the bathroom may cause the baby to drown and suffocate.

In this way, there are many things that parents need to pay attention to when taking a bath for their baby. These small accidents may happen to your baby when we think they are impossible. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!