For the new parents who have just had baby, they are a little busy every time when they bathe their baby. They are afraid that they will hurt the baby and that they will not be able to clean it. In fact, the baby should not take a bath too quickly, but step by step.

When bathing the baby, step by step in the following order, you won’t be in a hurry:

Preparation: towel, bath towel, bath solution, etc. to be used when bathing, as well as clean clothes and urine pants to be worn by the baby after washing.

Drain: pour cold water into the bath first, then hot water to avoid scalding. The water depth is about 15 cm.

Baby out: in order to prevent the child from getting cold, you should wrap the child in a towel and put it in the water. When the towel is warm, you can take it down.

First, dip some baby soap or shampoo with gauze to wash the baby’s hair. Note: do not let water flow into the ear canal of the child.

Change a piece of gauze and dip it into baby soap or body wash. Don’t neglect the “hidden” parts of your child’s folds, such as the neck, groin, finger and toe seams, and armpit.

After the baby is taken out of the bath, wrap it with a dry bath towel and pat the whole body to absorb the water.

Dry the water in the nostrils and ears of children; clean the navel carefully and gently with alcohol cotton ball; wipe the eyes from the inside to the outside with boiled cotton ball.

&In a word, we need to bathe our baby step by step. If we as parents are busy and unprepared at first, the baby will not feel comfortable bathing. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search