Generally, when children are 2-3 years old, they like to imitate adults to eat with chopsticks. When they have the requirements to take chopsticks, parents should take advantage of the situation and let them learn to eat with chopsticks. But why do you say that? The baby uses chopsticks early, which is helpful for the early development of intelligence!

The present time of tableware developing baby’s intelligence

Chopsticks are a unique kind of tableware in China. It has a long history as one of the characteristics of the traditional Chinese food culture. It is recorded that chopsticks were invented by our ancestors as early as 3500 years ago during the spring and Autumn period Using chopsticks is a complex and delicate movement of the hand, which must be properly coordinated with the effort. To pick up food and put it in your mouth. Scientists have shown that using chopsticks to hold food involves more than 30 joints and more than 50 muscles such as shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Scientists have confirmed that human brain cortex and finger related nerves account for the most extensive area, thumb motor area is equivalent to 10 times of thigh motor area, which shows that hand and brain are inextricably linked. The famous educationist Sukhomlinsky said. “Children’s wisdom is in their fingers.”. A scholar who has studied the relationship between the brain and the opponent for many years has pointed out that it is necessary to cultivate intelligent and intelligent children. It is necessary for them to exercise the activity ability of fingers. Because finger activity can stimulate the motor area of cerebral cortex, and make some special, active and creative areas more active. To further enhance the thinking ability of the brain, the result of the combination of hands and brain will inevitably make children smart and handy.

According to a survey of 50 families at different levels, parents reviewed the time when their children started eating with chopsticks. It was found that 9 of 72 children ate with chopsticks very early. As a result, 5 of them were admitted to university, 3 of them were admitted to secondary school, later 8 of them did professional and technical work, and 1 of them did ordinary work. The other 63 families used chopsticks late, so they only entered ordinary middle school, 59 of them were engaged in ordinary work Work. It can be seen that chopsticks are closely related to children’s intellectual development.

Japan regards chopsticks as the quintessence of the country, and credits chopsticks with the superiority of Japanese human-machine spirit over Westerners. In Japan, chopsticks are popular in society. It is also stipulated that chopsticks Festival is held on August 4 every year. The Minister of culture proposes to resume using chopsticks. More than 90% of schools take away spoons and forks from their lunch tables. And put on chopsticks, and ask parents to help, let children also use chopsticks at home to eat. As the hometown of chopsticks, China should encourage children to eat with chopsticks. When the child is two or three years old, they are not satisfied with eating with a spoon. I like to imitate adults’ eating. There is a requirement to take chopsticks. As a parent, we should take advantage of the situation. Let the children eat with chopsticks.

Infant period is the period of the fastest brain development, and the cortex cells have basically differentiated at the age of 3. Therefore, this period is the critical period of children’s intellectual development. Children’s psychologists and educators give birth to early education for children before the age of 3, so as to better and faster promote their all-round physical and mental development. Develop intelligence. Let children learn to use chopsticks, which can be used as one of the contents of hand brain training. However, some families do not allow children to eat with chopsticks, mainly because children are not proficient in using chopsticks. Eating while dropping grains, eating too slowly, so parents always let their children eat with a spoon, which is obviously wrong because of the practice of waste food.

Baibai safety net reminds us that when we start school, we should first let our children pick up some bigger and easier food. Even if it falls down halfway, parents should not blame it and give necessary encouragement. If you want to know more about how to disinfect children’s tableware, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!